Pluots: Delicious Hybrids, not Scary Experiments

One of the things I love most about my blog is the fact that it really forces me to keep current on things.  One trend I’ve really seen this summer, both in my supermarket, and on instagram are Pluots.

A Pluot is essentially a classic case of plum walking into a bar, meeting a nice apricots, and then they….

Go home with Floyd Zaiger (a California based fruit breeder).

When I first saw Pluots (AKA Dinosaur Eggs), I thought “Oh great, a new GMO”.  Well shame on me, I am guilty of making a judgement prior to doing my research.

Pluots are NOT genetically modified – they are hybrids.  At first I thought “what’s the diff man?”

Let me tell you.

GMOs are combinations that would never occur naturally – period.

Hybridization is something that can occur naturally or in a controlled manner, which is what happened in 1989 when Floyd Zaiger started fooling around with some plums and apricots.  Essentially it’s the blossoms from these fruits that a huge part of this process as it is their cross pollination that creates the Pluot.

Pluots are pretty sweet, and good sources of Vitamins A & C, and will be about 40-80 calories apiece depending on the size.  You’ll know it’s ripe if it is fragrant (smells nice), and gives slightly to pressure.

Overall I have really grown to love these sweet, delicious treats. The one pictured is the “dapple dandy” variety. My next adventure with these is to try and grill them – like peaches. I think they would be perfect desserts!





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