Quick Marathon Update

Wow guys!  I am in the official “30’s” as in less than 40 days left until the marathon!!!!  I spent all week last week freaking out about my 20 miler.  I was doing this for a few reasons, 1) my foot had been kind of bugging me, and acting all crampy like since my 17 miles the weekend before.  2) I had been advised by numerous people that my 20 miler is a very important run – or rather the longest run of the plan is the most important.

So despite still having to do a 22 miler still – I was really amped up but psyched out about my 20 miler.  So I went into this training run like it was race day.  I brought my expected marathon fuel,, worse a very similar outfit to what I’ll be wearing the day of, and FOCUSED.

I actually did this run with a club who runs “up north” – and their coach/leader Sarah actually approached me via my blog, and asked me if I would be available at any point to speak to MDA Team Momentum either before or following a run, and invited me to join them to run.  It just so happened this last Saturday was good for both of us.  FYI Team Momentum is a new charity team this year for the Chicago Marathon, and a new charity centered team in general.  Their fundraising is geared toward muscle disease and raising funds and awareness to these disease.  Remember – when you support a runner who is raising money for a charity team – you aren’t just “paying for them to run a race”, there is no such thing as a donation that’s “small or unimportant”.  Whether you support the animals, cancer, muscular diseases, IBD – if you want to give back – find a runner who is representing a charity that is close to you.

*Stepping off soapbox now*

So last week I ran:

Tuesday: 4 mi

Wednesday: 5.10 mi

Friday: 3 mi

Saturday 20 mi

So I did 18 with the group and a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile “cool down”.  I felt amazing.  The weather was ideal (63 degrees, with a light breeze, and very little humidity), my head was clear, and I was focused, and I was smart about how I ran.  I also made sure I was taped, moji’d, and foam rolled the night before.

I started off slower than usual – but it this worked for me – I did my first three miles at about a 11 minute mile pace, after that I felt good enough to speed up a bit, and whittled down my average mile pace from 11’15 to 10’35, which I felt comfortable at.  I am now using Target Brand fruit snacks as my fuel source – and I like it.   Bloks and gels really upset my stomach and make me crave water – so then I drink far too much and it makes my stomach feel squishy.


Overall the run went better than I could have asked.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt, and felt confident.  Following this run, I rewarded myself with some Del Seoul and a nap.


Going into this week I am nervous.  Which I know is silly – I JUST RAN 20 MILES – If I can do this then for the love of potatoes I can surely run a marathon.  I just want to be the best trained that I can be going into 26.2.

Sunday and Monday I took as rest days

Tuesday > 7 mi

Wednesday> 6 mi

Thursday > 5 mi

Friday > 5 mi

Saturday > 18 mi

Sunday > Rest

My concern is the weekend.  From Wednesday to Tuesday I am working 6, 12 hour days (9 A – 9 P), therefore I am not optimistic about squeezing in an 18 miler prior to to work either day, or after work either, and I’m not willing to push it to Tuesday (day off) because that (to me) is wayyyyy wayyyy too close to my 22 miler (the peak of my training).

My thought is to maybe do 10 on Saturday and 8 Sunday or 12 and 6 – something like that.  Or even 9 and 9 – I want to get all of those miles in but I don’t feel there are genuinely enough hours in the day – to sleep, run, and then be functional at work.

Input on this dilemma is MORE than welcomed.

Keep it real readers!  Despite these crazy work hours I have some good things coming your way 🙂

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