I’m Thankful.

So for the past 6 days I have been pretty scarce on social media – of any kind.

I have been working some pretty long hours, and at one point I was nominated for a thankful challenge, in which I was supposed to post for 7 days, 3 things I am thankful for.  I only posted one day.  Which makes me seem pretty “not-thankful”.  Which is not the case.

So here is an entire post of things I am thankful for.

1) My family, always, all of the time, no exceptions

2) My friends, the reason I survive most of my 12 hour days

3) My health

4) A stable job

5) Health insurance

6) Access to clean water

7) Access to foods/grocery stores


8) Pat & his family


9) Casey, 8-9 are so special they get their own numbers.  They are the main reasons I have stayed sane over the past few months


10) The rights and freedoms I have

11) The fact that I am safe from a lot of the horrible things happening in the world

12) That people sacrifice their time and lives to help people like me stay safe, and have/keep certain rights and freedoms

13) Modern technology, which allows to me stay in contact with people I love

14) Sir Chewy of the 215.   I love my cat.


15) My education, and opportunities I have for further education

16) The hard lessons, no one is perfect, and sometimes we just have to learn things the hard way, but those lessons have always made me grow, and be better as a person.

17) The little things, those things in the day that come out of nowhere that just make you smile.  Whether it’s a song, a panda gif, or even a line that (in your mind) you finish with “that’s what she said”.  Those things never get the appreciation they deserve

18) Running, I know this is something I started myself, and continued myself, but the fact of the matter is I can still do it, and the friends running has given back to me 🙂


19) My modern niceties that I love so much – Netflix, DVR, my kindle.  These things help me relax, and while they are not essential.

20) Being able to give back professionally

21) My loved ones, – yeah I know it’s a repeat, but I don’t care, I’m always thankful for these people, even if I’m not called out to do a list.  The people I love most, love me right back, and accept me for who I am all quirks included.  IMG_4783

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  1. Sarah: What a beautiful blog writiing!! I loved your thoughts, and – of course the pictures!!! We are so thankful that you are in our lives too!! Liz

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