Taper Time Check In

So.  It’s been awhile.  Which has really sucked for me.  So let me fill you in on my blogging hiatus, and what has been going on since I last checked in.

I was running a lot, but now not so much.

I survived my 20, and 22 miler with flying colors.  I’ve been enjoying a blissful week of not running as much, although as “much less” running I have been doing – the “not running” has been replaced with working.

FYI – I’d rather be running.

In fact because work has been stressful, the running has really helped me manage my stress.  One thing I didn’t expect – training for this marathon, and working long hours – I learned a lot about myself.  One thing – never ever thought I’d be doing a marathon, and never ever thought I’d be getting up early – before work – to get my miles in.

Almost two weeks ago I completed my 22 miler in the form of CARA’s ready to run 20 miler “race”.  I phrase it this way because it technically isn’t a race, but it kind of is.  It isn’t in the sense that it isn’t timed and they told us specifically at the start that this isn’t a test of pace, it’s test of everything we have been putting into practice all summer to get ready for the marathon – pace, shoes, outfit, hydration, nutrition.  But it was a race in the sense of – there were a lot of people, I was wearing a bib, I got a shirt and perks when I finished.

As I sit here right now,  I can say my 20 and 22 miler both went well.  I had huge advantages those days specifically the weather.  Both days were cool, partly cloudy, in the mid/low 60’s.  I have my hydration and food plan down.

As I sit here- 9 days out from the marathon reflecting over this long summer – a majority of which I spent running – I’m finding myself really short on words.  I’m mostly feeling shocked, and already mildly accomplished (even though I haven’t ran yet).  Accomplished because I no longer feel really nervous going into the marathon.  I’m sure the day of I’ll have butterflies.  But right now, and since finishing my 22 miler – I’ve felt elation, and felt excitement at the thought of experiencing “the marathon”.  Not thinking if I can do it, not shooting for a time – but just enjoying the day, and the moment – I’m so excited for this part.

In terms of the event I did: it was CARA’s Ready to Run 20 miler.  Like the other CARA events I’ve participated in – it was well executed event – with great course support, and lot’s of goodies at the finish.

But as I said – I ended up doing 22- so I ran 20, with a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.

Now that I am in full taper mode I will have some posts coming out this week about how not running as much has been going, as well as my plan for smart eating, and carb loading this week leading up to the big dance!




  1. Congrats! I was just thinking about you and wondering how your training was going. I will be thinking about you on race day and hope to see your smiling face somewhere in the 45,000 person crowd.

  2. Dear Sarah: Congratulations on all of your training – it has been alot of work and extremely rewarding. We are very proud of you. I know your new job has been sooo very time cosuming as well! Great job handling all of these pressures!

    We will be with you in spirit on Sunday! Go Get Em!! Enjoy your day!

    Love, Liz

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