November Midway Recap & I’m a CDE Now

November has been a pretty crazy month. And I can’t believe it’s already halfway done, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

It’s officially winter in the Windy City with bitter wind chills and very “moody” weather patterns.

Let me fill you in on what’s been going on this month-

1) I PR’d my 5k time by over 2 minutes.

2) Training for work.

3) I became a certified diabetes educator (a CDE)

4) I have slowly started running again, and loving it

The first item is something I have already detailed on HDHH- so I’ll leave that alone for now. Three days this week I have been trekking out into the “burbs” with two of my coworkers to drink our company “kool aid” which we can’t complain about – since there is free food and coffee all day.

The third item is something that has taken up a lot of my time since the marathon. I have been studying for my CDE exam. CDE stands for Certified Diabetes Educator. This is a credential I have been working towards since I started working about 2 1/2 years ago.

Basically what this says/does for me is that as a dietitian is broadens my scope of practice. I am now allowed to provide my patients with instruction to insulin and using insulin pumps- something an RD can’t do. Essentially it says I specialize in this specific area and manager other diseases in conjunction with diabetes.

To get this credential as an RD you need to have two years of practice experience and 1,000+ hours of diabetes related education and at least 15 ceus (continuing education credits) of diabetes related continuing education in the past year.

Despite having over two years of practice experience and truly practicing what I was being tested on – it was not an easy exam.  But I passed – so now I have a lot of letters behind my name: MS, RD, LDN, CDE – these denote my Masters Degree, my Registered Dietitian Credential- the LDN is nothing that amazing – it is saying I possess Licensure in the state of Illinois – which is a requirement if you are charting. Then the most recent addition is the CDE.

This credential is amazing in the sense that it expands my “scope” of practice.  Dietitians themselves cannot provide insulin teaching or insulin pump instruction, even giving instruction on glucometers is considered “controversial” by some.  So now I can help people start insulin and insulin pumps, and educate them on these devices using the recommendations for settings from their doctors.

The irony of passing this in November is not lost on me – as November is National Diabetes Month.  I had every intention of posting diabetes facts, and mythes each day this month – but clearly as it is even past the “midway point” the subject will get a post or two.

And also – as I said above – I have been slowly running again.  And loving it.  I have clocked an all time low in miles this month, and plan to keep taking it easy in December- however I am going to try to slowly increase my miles going into December and into 2015.  In the mean time I have been lifting a lot, and doing cardio in the form of workout classes, spinning, and the elliptical.

I do apologize for this being a not-so-humble brag type of post – as that what it turned out to be vs an explanation of my lack of blogging.  But stay tuned for some recipes, some diabetes related posts (knowledge is power folks), and some workouts!



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