Trader Joe’s Pumpkin-Palooza

So.  The other night I left the gym after a particularly badass workout, it was 7PM, and I did not feel like making a full dinner from scratch.


I stopped at Trader Joes.  I genuinely needed like 1 or 2 things.

I left with (what I imagine) every pumpkin product made by Trader Joes.

Spoiler Alert: this is one of those post written by the “half human side” – the “RD” was “off” on this particular day.

I left with: two bottles of wine, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pancake mix, fruit, popcorn, a chocolate bar, almond milk, mustard, butter, cold pressed juice (Yellow), turkey, and cheese.  The wine, chocolate, and pumpkin products were…..unnecessary.  But delicious all the same.

Specifically I purchased Trader Joes Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli- I mean how does that NOT sound amazing?!  I asked a couple of staff members how to best prepare it- and while none of them had any solid suggestions- they all mentioned it had been demo’d in the store where it had been sauteed in butter.

Famous last words: sauteed in butter.

So I braved the bitter cold, and I came home, opened by bottle of Nouveu 3 buck chuck, melted two table spoons of butter in a saute pan, and threw in the raviolis – and some kale.

I seasoned with some cinnamon, and a TINY bit of salt, and pepper.

So yeah if you’re looking for a delicious little treat – I suggest popping into your nearest Trader Joes for some of this pumpkin magic.

Then as if I didn’t get enough pumpkin – the following morning I made pumpkin pancakes with their pumpkin pancake mix.  It was just magic.  Breakfast magic.

A little bit of butter, egg, almond milk, and pancake mix.  It was like I died and went to heaven.  I cut the recipe on the box in half and that yielded 2 medium sized pancakes. Two medium sized pancakes of deliciousness.



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