Resolutions for a Dietitian Who is a Human

Happy 2015 everyone.

I hope you’re all recovering nicely from your hangovers, and starting to get back to normal. I posted recently about New Years resolutions, and it really got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

In a quick brag paragraph I met a majority of my goals in 2014 both personally and professionally.

I got my CDE credential.

I finished my first marathon

I pr’d in my half marathon- (but did not get it under 2 hours)

I got two new jobs, and regardless of making more money- became a lot more financially responsible. (Still some work for growth here)…what can I say?? I love shoes….


So where do in go in 2015?!

-I intend to travel more- even little trips with Pat, or anyone really, and they can or don’t have to involve running. But I have the travel bug and I want to go places (of course while continuing to improve upon being financially responsible).

-I’m doing another marathon. Preferably Chicago. But it will depend on if I get in to the lottery if not, stay tuned. But I will be doing another marathon this year, and ideally having a much better day and time (under 4:30) than my last.

-I am going to try my damnedest to get under two hours in the half. Based on my last 5k- and speaking with others- this is realistic.

-CROSS-TRAINING. Ugh I’m so bad at it, as well as lifting once I start training. Well this year I’m going to build my training around my lifting, stretching, and cross training. To hopefully improve my performance and reduce injuries.

-I will blog more religiously.

-SWEETS. Ugh. This is something I have gotten particularly bad about at the end of 2014…. I have really gotten in the habit of keeping sweets around and munching on them unnecessarily… So no more of that in 2015.

-Prep day and meal planning. Now that I have started this new job I have to pack my lunch- something I have not had to do in over three years. This now requires more prepping and planning than what I have needed in quite some time. Although this should help with the goal of increasing my blogging frequency.

– Continue to push myself professionally, and (hopefully) get my weight management certification.

So my friends – there it is, my resolution list for 2015. I’m super excited for what this new year is going to bring not just for me but for everyone!! Comment below on some of your resolutions/goals for 2015!!!


  1. These are all great goals! The sweets one is something I seriously need to work on. Every day I claim will be the day I knock them out…..but I still grab something after dinner or after lunch. It really can be addicting (scary!). It would be so cool to see you run Chicago again! If you are ever looking or a team we would love to have you join us 🙂 Happy 2015!

    1. Thanks!!! I am really hoping to get in again!! I need to kick this sweet thing once and for all- it is addicting- it is so easy to form that habbit and so hard to break!!!

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