I’m and Idiot and Bought Whole Coffee Beans. Now What?!

So.  Last week I was at Treasure Island, and they had Intelligentsia on sale.

Intelligentsia rarely goes on sale.  It’s expensive, and it, essentially is the nectar of the Gods.

It’s really damn good coffee.

Naturally I scooped up a bag, and got home as fast as I could.

The next night I was home with Casey and I was setting stuff out that I would need in the morning.  And I opened my bag.  To find BEANS.  NOT grounds.

In my defense – it said no-where on the bag that it was beans.

I know – coffee purists many times prefer the whole bean, I get it – but I have a keurig, and MAMA NEEDS HER COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you’re ever in this pickle – here is a guide to help.

Step 1- Whilest at the store -fondle the bag to ensure you are not buying beans vs grounds – to save yourself from this.

Step 2- yes you can buy a coffee grinder on amazon – is it necessary?  NO!

Step 3- do you own a blender/magic bullet?  Excellent.  This is all you need.

I will tell you – I tried a rolling pin, and I tried a hammer, and I tried a meat mallet none of these yielded the result I was looking for – it wasn’t getting ground enough – it is more or less breaking the beans into smaller pieces.


So.  If you find yourself in this predicament – get out your blender – and grind the coffee that way.  I used my magic bullet, and I was done in about 10 minutes, and have beautifully ground coffee, and the apartment smelled majestic.

In closing.  This may not happen to you- as you may have more sense than me.  But if it does – here is what you can do about it.  Again I know some people may see what I did to the beans as sacrilegious – but at the end of the day – when you need your coffee, you need your coffee.



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