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Happy Tuesday lovlies.  Hope you have all had enough coffee to be surviving this week on the heels of daylight savings time.

Chicago is currently experiencing a heat wave of 50 degrees – I may just run in shorts tonight…..

Half Marathon training is going well – although last week was a bit of a struggle due to a busy social calendar – the same is true for this week, but I plan on gutting it out, and getting my miles in.

I’m so excited for nice weather and to finally take this training outside!!!  This past weekend I ventured out of states and out of doors, in my home village town (I mean -it is is technically a village) of Ovid Michigan for the Tog e’ go bog e’ 5k.  I was a bit apprehensive about this race because a) I know historically the weather has not always been the best b) It has been cold, and the forecast leading up to the event was not…..warm and fuzzy shall we say?

But it was only $15 to sign up, and my cousin planned to do it as well – so I was in.

Now that I am pretty comfortable doing races I really don’t “prep” for 5 and 10k’s – in terms of what I eat, and what I do the night before.

My pre-5k morning was a morning from hell.  If these events unfolded prior to a half or a marathon – I might have had the stress shits – no I’m not joking.

I realized I forgot my glasses in Chicago when I was somewhere in Michigan on my drive home Friday night.  Not a big deal – because I keep a spare set at Pat’s apartment.  I got home Friday, took my contacts out, and went to bed.  Woke up Saturday morning – was putting in my contact – to which it split into two on my finger.

So I’m blind.  I’m not legally blind.  But my vision is not good.  When I don’t have on glasses or contacts I can see shapes and colors, and vague things – but I really can’t drive or run, or read or really do most things.

Fortunately my dad kindly offered to drive my “blind self” to Pat’s to get my spare set of glasses to use for my 5k – and I’d just use them the rest of the weekend.

Again – all of these events traspired prior to 9 am- and I didn’t have any coffee.  I’ve had better mornings.  But in the end I made it to the race…. oh yeah – there was still a matter of running a 5k.

The race is your typical small town race – it was organized – it started on time, the course is familiar – at least it was to me, since I’ve lived there all my life.

My only goal for this race was to use it as a barometer of where I’m at.  I was hoping for nothing over 27 minutes, and would have liked 25 minutes.  I came in at 26:12 – not a pb, but apparently enough for first in my age group.  Which is the first time I’ve ever placed- I’ve come close a few times but never quite.

My cousin also placed 2nd in her age group – so it was a pretty good day for the both of us.

The only thing I would do differently – and I know I need to stop doing this – I went out so fast.  I ran my first mile in 7:55.  Which is just not necessary – then I spent the second mile evening out, then I spent the third mile wondering how my legs were moving forward at all…  Regardless it was still a fun morning – and it has me really excited for the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago later this month.

In the end it was a fun weekend- and please know that from this point forward I will always bring a spare set of contacts. 

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