Bank Of America Shamrock Shuffle- Recap

Sunday was one of the most amazing days – like ever.

1) Ran the Shamrock Shuffle and PR’d

2) Michigan State advanced to the Final Four

3) There was Korean BBQ

March 29 goes down into the books as one of the most awesome days.  Ever.  In fact – the whole weekend was fantastic.  Pat came to visit – hung out with a lot of great people, and who doesn’t love a race weekend?!?

This is my second year doing the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle here in Chicago- it’s a big race, and kind of expensive for an 8K – but it is a race that is done well – there is no arguing that.

I’m glad they made one huge change from last year: packet pick up was at McCormick place instead of Navy Pier (aka the threshold of hell).

I was in rough shape Saturday afternoon when I went to packet pickup due to the lateness of the Michigan State game the night before…

But I was fortunate enough that one of my friends from run club agreed to go to the expo with me so I didn’t get lost or get into too much mischief.

Everything about this race is like a smaller version of the Chicago marathon.  It’s a neat way to give folks a taste of that marathon experience without them taking the plunge and doing the actual marathon.  Even the expo – it is a smaller version of the marathon expo.   I hit up the Nike booth – but unfortunately so had everyone else- and I couldn’t find what I wanted in my size 🙁

The expo was great though – I got some awesome ice packs – that unfortunately I suspect will come in handy this week -as I am feeling some soreness in my shins (I am not ready or willing to deal with shin splints- nope), some Nuun, and a zazzy new Nuun water bottle- and I did ultimately find my Nike apparel I was searching for at Fleet Feet.

Unfortunately Pat and I missed the annual Run Club Kick off party – but we have had reservations for Mastros for some time now.


I was a bit jittery the morning of the race – both literally and figuratively.  It was cold – and windy, and I was also nervous – not for any particular reason – I just get nervous – especially when I am aiming for a specific time goal (goal: average ppm under 9 minutes).


Fortunately I was in one of the first corrals – so I didn’t have to stand too too long in the cold, and there were enough people around in the corrals that it wasn’t awful – not great- but not awful.

The race itself went really well for me – I ran a Personal Best – in 42:44 – which was 8:36 pace – so very good for me.  I ran with one of the ladies in my run club – because her goal was sub 45 minutes- and I ran it in 45 last year – so I knew I should be able to get below that time.  It was great to run with someone because there were times I wanted to surge forward – and didn’t, and times I forced myself forward because I knew someone was next to me.

Cheer Squad(not pictured: Casey and Audi)

We managed to do this – despite sub par running conditions: i.e. 25 mph winds.  Those of us in wave 1 got lucky – as we at least had sun to run in for most of the race- but the wind – it was brutal.  I was prepared for it to be bad- but there were a couple of times that I was basically just fighting to move forward.  Being in the heart of chicago helped a bit – becaus the buildings blocked a significant amount of the wind.

Squad goin up


Because of the weather, and the Michigan State game – I did not hang around too long after the race to socialize, but overall it was a great morning, heck a great day!

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