Running Rewind: Wednesday Edition

Hi readers.  So in the coming weeks I am going to be making some changes to my blog – which are intended to make it better.  Think more frequent posts, about specific things – stay tuned.

One of these features will be my weekly running rewind – the once weekly update in which I’ll talk about my training, how it’s going, etc.

SO!  As crazy as it sounds/feels – I am over halfway done with my half-marathon training program.  There are approximately 4 weeks between where I am now and race day.  in that time I will have 1 more 12 miler, a 14 miler, various levels of hellish speed work, lots of quality time with my foam roller and copious amounts of race day planning.

I will admit that this is easily the most work, and effort I have put into a single race.  This – outside of training for the marathon – has also probably been the most compliant I have been with following a training plan.  However this specific plan was tailored to me and my schedule.

A typical week looks like this:

Monday: easy run

Tuesday: speedwork (oy)

Wednesday: tempo run

Thursday: strength

Friday: Cross

Saturday: long run

Sunday rest

As I get closer to race day I have been doing a lot more planning in terms of strategy the day of – this is huge for me.  I cannot stress this enough, if I am not running with someone – or do not have a very specific well throught plan in place – I will start out at a 8:45 pace, and want to kill myself by mile 9.


I also know the course is going to be tough- in terms of  there  being hills – a pretty significant one at mile 9 – so I’m told.  So leaving enough gas in the take for the last 4 miles -(something I am not good at) will be important.

This past weekend I did 11 miles Saturday on Lansing’s Riverfront Trail – and despite the wind, and it being a bit chilly – it was a great day, and a beautiful run.



Monday of this week I did an easy 4 – which wasn’t that easy as the winds were at between 10-15 mph, yesterday called for a dose of speedwork, 2 x 800, 2 x 1200, & 2 x 1600…. which unfortunately was cut a tad short by some rain.  And on today’s agenda will be a 5 mile temp run with the Venados.  To round out the rest of the week, there will be my strength day tomorrow, likely a rest day Friday (Happy Hour), 14 miles Saturday or sunday, and which ever day I don’t run there will likely be a bike ride.


some post run crew love. in flash mode.

Now is the time in the season to sign up for those races!  Sometimes the thing you need to do to get out of your comfort zone is challenge yourself.  If you did a 5k last year – sign up for 10 k this year!

What races are people signed up for?  Comment below!

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