Recipe Rundown

Hey everyone!  Welcome to my first installment of my weekly recipe rundown.

Moving forward these are going to be my posts towards the end of the week, so that if you find what I post enticing- you can use the post to take to the store with you to do some of your grocery shopping/meal prep for the upcoming week!

This week was inspired by the May 2015 issue of Runner’s World- they had recipes that featured different rices, and different toppings that can go on top of them.  All of the recipes seemed pretty good – so I did take that as a guide, but did go in my own direction – I wound up using quinoa – as I have an abundance of that at home right now.

Here is a rundown of what I purchased last week for groceries:

-string cheese (snacks)

-raspberries (snacks)

-Fresh vegetables – as a cost saver – and because I love variety – I have started getting my veggies straight from the salad bar – they are weighed per lb, however I have found that this saves me money – as I only buy what I will need for that week, and I can get different varieties


-Salad bar tofu (Marianos has a really good spicy tofu that I love)

-1 lb wild atlantic salmon

-Greek yogurt



And remember – I had quinoa already at home.

So for the vegetables I get – I roast those in the oven – 425- for about 20 minutes I drizzle some olive oil over them, season with Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning, and let em roast while I work on everything else.


For the quinoa- I boiled about 1 cup dry -give or take (I was at the end of a bag), and I added like 1/2 tsp of chicken soup base.  Let that boil for a few minutes, then reduce it to simmer- let it simmer for a bit so the quinoa get’s nice and puffed.

Once the vegetables are out of the oven – they can actually just be stored in the container they came in.


Switch the oven over to “broil” for the salmon.  For the salmon I broiled the 1 lb fillet for about 20-25 minutes on high.  I seasoned with a little olive oil, dill, lemon juice, and TJ’s Everything Seasoning.

At any point during the steps I’ve already mentioned you can saute your mushrooms and asparagus.  Again a little sesame oil, sesame seeds, some garlic, lemon juice, and TJ’s Everything.

Once my quinoa was done – I portioned that into my containers- for each container it was about 2/3 cup cooked quinoa, 4 oz salmon, and some of my Spicy Wakame ginger Kimchi (since I was almost out of this – I evenly portioned out the rest of the bag AND, the rest of the juice over the quinoa for extra flavor), and then evenly portioned out the mushrooms and asparagus.


This was actually a pretty easy week for meal preppin’ – this whole process took me about 30-45 minutes, and it was not labor intensive – so I was not standing and cutting and cleaning the whole time.  So that was nice too!

Something I have pretty obsessed with lately is Farmhouse Culture and their line of sauerkrauts, and Kimchi – both are natural probiotics and they super gut friendly. 


 I also like their various flavor combinations – my favorite is the smoked jalapeno kraut.  I put it in salads, on burgers, in sandwiches, and mix it in with roasted vegetables.

Have a lovely weekend readers! Hope this helps with meal prep and having some nutritious meals ready for next week. 

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