Running Recap: The Porta-Potty Makeover, A “How-to”

As I mentioned I did the Lakefront 10 miler this past weekend.

As I also mentioned – I went to brunch immediately after…..

Now for anyone who exercises in warmer weather – or who has spent time around someone who get’s good and gross sweaty.  And you may know that they can smell pretty disgusting ripe.

So.  This blog is for the people who make plans after a race, or just want to be more comfortable at a post-race party.

The first thing you will need is either:

a) skill at selecting the cleanest porta-potty


b) a car that is spacious, and parked in a private place

OR c) no shame or care if anyone sees you get a little naked and start cleaning up in public.

Totes up to you.  No judgement here.

Well I drive a Ford Fiesta – that was parked in a pretty busy area of the park last Saturday – and despite popular opinion – I do have some shame left.

That left option A for me.

So here are the basics of what you need for a successful post-race makeover:

1) deodorant

2) facial cleansing wipes- especially if you are a salty sweater – seriously these are a game changer


3) baby wipes (for your more delicate parts….)

4) Some light deodorant style spray


Obviously – for you guys out there – you may want to opt for a more “masculine scent”, but I really stand by passion tango….

Apply these products as directed, to get a cleaner base layer.

Then.  Ladies.  Pack an extra sports bra- a clean dry bra, is CLUTTTCHHHH

Then depending on what you’re doing after, and what the weather is like – will impact on what additional clothing items you pack to put on after.

If I am doing anything after a race or a long run – I need: clean socks, different shoes, different shorts or tights, and clean sports bra/shirt.  I will many times do zip up coats/hoodies so I can leave my racing shirt with my bib on – in case I need to get to any “runner specific” areas following a race…. it depends on the race really.

At this point some of you are probably like “Sarah- how can you be so gross to change in a porta potty”.

So this is the piece that requires some finess, some balance, and a tad of flexibility.

Now-a-days most portas have a little hook – great for hanging your belongings.

Another option is to close the lid – and place your bag on tops.  Then change one section at a time.  I.e. socks and shoes off – then pants and unders.  I like to have my new shoes out already – I’ll stand on them so I don’t make feet- to- porta contact.

Once your bottom half is attended to – put your dirty stuff at the botom of your bag, and move your clean stuff to the top.  Then clean up and dress your top half.

I also recommend a pair of shades – as they can help cover up that listless or rather haggard look one may have after a race.

And voila – you’re brunch/patio ready, almost faster than you can say “porta-loo”.



AND – a bonus – ladies you won’t need makeup afterwards as the run will give you that lovely natural super red face blush!

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  1. My favorite part: “I like to have my new shoes out already – I’ll stand on them so I don’t make feet- to- porta contact.” That is absolutely a key step!! At a very young age I taught my girls how to stand on their shoes/sandals while changing in public places. It is tricky, but it works!

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