Recipe Rundown: Beans on Beans on Beans

So about a month ago a co-worker gave me a bag of mixed beans to thank me for something (trading food amongst RD’s is basically currency- I’ve been pumped about these beans).

So when I was planning my meals for the week I started thinking about what I usually do “what will be my protein, my carb and my vegetables”.

And I remembered my beautiful bag of beans- so I leaned towards a “mexican theme”.

Here is a breakdown of my loot from Trader Joe’s

Chicken sausage x 2

3 Avocados

3 Sweet potaotes

4 Greek Yogurts

1 Large container of plain greek yogurt

1 bag of limes

1 jar tomatillo salsa/salsa verde

1bag of frozen, fire roasted peppers and onions

string cheese

1 bag of pears (4-5)

1 bag of the “Cruciferous” mix veggies

And then my non-essentials: salmon dip, a bag of milk chocolate almond toffee (I was really hungry), wine, popcorn….

The total cost of my loot was ~$47

I love cooking beans because they really require very little attention.  So I did the “fast cook” method.

3 cups dried beans with about 10 cups water – brought it to boil for about 10 minutes, covered the pot, and let the beans sit for about 1 hour.  I then drained and rinsed the beans, and then added more water, and boiled the beans again.

I like using beans because they are so low maintenance to make.

When I got home from the store I left my bag of peppers on the counter to thaw- by the time the beans were done – the peppers were also pretty thawed out – so I mixed them together, and some lime juice in a big bowl.


Then I divided them up into 5 servings/bowls, and added a link of chicken sausage to each.  Then each day I brought this to work – I grabbed an avocado out of my bowl and mixed in some avocado.



The macros for one of the 5 five servings (without Avocado):

Calories: 318 >> Total Fat: 6 g >>Sodium: 560 mg>>

Total Carbohydrate: 66 g >>Sugars: 11 g>>Fiber: 2 g

Protein: 33 g

This turned out to be a really low maintenance day of food prep, but the recipe that came out was super tasty. It’s also naturally gluten free if that’s your thing too.

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