Running Recap: NRC Speed Session

Last Tuesday the Nike Run Club (NRC), held a super awesome event in Chicago.


NRC held its FIRST EVER speed session, and it held it in Chicago.


Running at Nike is something I have been somewhat involved in since joining my run club.  One of the great things about Nike, is they are very involved with local run clubs, so there are opportunities to be involved in such cool events like this, with other run clubs from Chicago.

The speed session was coached by Chris Bennett, so since he is actually like a legit coach and runner – this was truly like a track workout from high school, meaning: there was a warm-up, and there was stretching, and then there was a workout.



some of us were less than thrilled at the idea of a “ladder warmup”


While some made the workout look easy…




The workout was an option of either 16 x 200’s, or 20 x 200’s alternating between: 10k pace, 5k pace, and mile pace, with 30 seconds of recovery in between.  The goal of this was to make your body recognize that pace, and be comfortable with it, and to realize it is not the pace that is uncomfortable – it’s the distance with that pace – so to FOCUS on good form, and looking good while doing this workout.



Yellow group with some killa' form
Yellow group with some killa’ form

Prior to the workout you signed up based on your best 5k time, and were assigned to a group.  You could switch groups if need be, which I will likely do next time – as I have said before I have been doing speed/track work already in preparation for my upcoming half, and so I already been doing longer distances (> 200 m) at the same pace ranges we were doing.


Overall it was an amazing experience, it was such a fun night, and it was an amazing workout, my legs were like jello the next day.


Overall it was an amazing night, so a huge thanks needs to go out to Nike, and of course the Venado’s cheer squad.  I am excite for more speed workouts to come this summer in prep for a fall marathon!

Please note that all photo cred goes to Richie / Venados Running Club, as well as Nike. 

With all of that being said – I am extremely close to the Kalamazoo half marathon- which is this coming Sunday.  Since this speed session, I have done a 4 mi tempo run, I took this weekend off, as I wasn’t feeling so hot, and uncharacteristically sore.

The plan for race week:
Monday: 4 easy miles

Tuesday 3 easy miles

Wednesday 2-3 easy

Thursday 4 easy

Friday rest

Saturday 3 easy

Sunday race day

This is the first time I have “traveled” to do a race, meaning I will not be sleeping at my place, my parents’, or Pat’s prior to this race.  Additionally the forecast is 77, with rain- so while I truly am excited for these temperatures – I have not ran in temps this warm for about 7-8 months – so I am definitely hoping for a cooler morning for the race.

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