Recipe Rewind: Why You Don’t Shop Hungry

So I am a tad behind on my recipe rewinds – but that’s ok – because food is still food, and regardless these tips will help either way 🙂

Loot from my trip the week prior to do the Kalamazoo half. The cost was significantly higher than previous weeks, my explanation for this was: I was hungry.  Total loot was $90 – but this will be for a little more than a week- as I knew I would not be getting groceries this past weekend, as I was in Kalamazoo for my half marathon.

The essentials:

-4 Salmon burgers (two feta and spinach, and two Texan Chipotle

-1/2 lb bacon

-1 bag brussels sprouts

-4-5 yogurts

-1 case La Croix – left this in my cart – still mad about it

– 1 pineapple

-1 container cottage cheese

-Barbara’s cinnamon Puffin’s Cereal (the peanut butter is way better)

The non-essentials:

-Frozen spanakopita

-Annie’s Cheddar Crackers

-Organic pizza rolls

-1 bottle kombucha

-2 slices of pizza

-1 container of their “egg salad tofu”

This is a prime example on how when you shop hungry, and buy more “non-essentials” that your trip budget can creep up significantly, which is exactly what happened to me last weekend.  In fact (using some rough math).  My weekly essentials were around $50. So there’s that.  But going to the store whilst ravenous – horrible idea.

However the Sarah that returned home from the bar at 1 am – was happy that the earlier hungry Sarah decided to buy two slices of pizza.  I gave myself a solid high-five.  high five

Ultimately I did prep my meals, and made the following:

-chopped and roasted brussels sprouts with bacon

-roasted salmon burgers

-cottage cheese with chopped pineapple


the brown stuff on the cottage cheese is balsamic vinegar- I know it sounds weird, but I love it


I put the brussels sprouts and some cabbage in a bowl, and chopped them up using my ulu – then I put them on a baking sheet, drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and then I diced up the bacon into small pieces, and mixed that in and roasted it all on the same sheet, and divided it out into 4 equal portions.  The bacon- was chipotle bacon, and it was amazing, even Ned Stark agrees:


I did the same thing with the salmon burgers from Whole Foods – which were amazing by the way – they were so so so good, I bought two of each – the Texas Chipotle, and the spinach and feta.  Then boxed up all four portions for the week, and because I’ve been obsessed with it lately – I added a few heaping spoonfuls of sauerkraut on top of each salmon patty.


This was enough to get me through a work week, and eat some on the Monday after I ran Kalamazoo – so that I did not have to worry about prepping the Sunday I got back.

Stay tuned for more recipes chats, and Ideas!

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