Recipe Rewind- A More Structured Trip

After my last recipe/food entry (you remember the one – where I spent a ridiculous amount of money)… I was much more careful with my next shopping trip.

I made a list, and kept it super minimal for several reasons:

1) I didn’t have any real recipes to make so I was just looking for “basic stuff”

2) I knew at the time of my trip I was going to be out of time the following week

So I kept it simple, I also got luck as Siggis was on sale, and it NEVER goes on sale.  So I snatched some up.

My total cost wound up being $58 – which again will last a good 10-14 days.  So I wasn’t mad.  I was also REALLY well behaved and did not get anything “non essential”….. I know.  This is huge for me. I didn’t even get a bar of chocolate when I checked out.

The loot:

1 Loaf Sourdough Bread

1 box Ezekiel pasta

1 container of baby kale

1 container of summer squash and pepper medley

Carving board turkey lunch meat

Mild Chicken Sausage

Tomato/pasta sauce

2 containers of Siggi’s

Mild Cheddar cheese slices

1 container of Nutritional Yeast


This allowed me to do sandwiches, grilled cheese, and pasta with the chicken sausage.  The squash with either consumed “on the side” of my sandwiches or I added it to my pasta.

Ok so what is Ezekiel pasta & nutritional yeast?

I got really into eating Ezekiel Bread as a healthier alternative to just “bread” about a year ago.  I am not a big bread eater….so a loaf typically lasts 6 months (I freeze it) – unless I am craving it (i.e. sourdough bread – hence my purchase).

However – I eat a boatload of pasta.  So 3 months ago I’m perusing the aisles of Treasure Island, when I came upon “Ezekiel pasta”.

So the story – these products have NO added sugar, they are made from organic grains and legumes, they are high in fiber, and higher in protein than your average pasta.  Because of the fiber and protein content they digest a bit more slowly than your average white pasta, so it is ideal (in the right portion) for individuals with diabetes as these products do not rapidly break down into sugar – I mean it’s kind of beneficial for everyone.  However this pasta is NOT gluten free- barley, wheat etc are in it as well – so NOT gluten free.

Sprouting these grains increases many of the key nutrients: B vitamins, Vitamin C, folate, fiber, essential amino acids (that many times are lacking in grains).  In terms of mass production of sprouted grains there is kind of “sweet” spot that is necessary in terms to length of soaking, temperature etc.

Another important thing to note is you start purchasing sprouted grain products: i.e. bread, english muffins, tortillas etc – DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON YOUR COUNTER TOP!  Keep them in the refrigerator or freezer – they mold extremely quickly!!!

See my follow up post on what the eff is Nutritional Yeast!!!!


    1. Well I have been on vacation- so I only needed it to last me for right before my trip and to stay good until I returned. I also heavily rely on eggs I already had in the fridge, and a stock pile of frozen veggies in the freezer. 🙂

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