Huge Announcement by H3RD

Hey readers!

So, I’ve been sitting on some big news for a little while now- and it’s time to share.

I’m moving back to the Mitten State at the end of June.

After 5 amazing years in Chicago I will be leaving behind some amazing friends, an amazing job, and an amazing city.

sooooo one might ask “Sarah, WHY are you leaving?!”

There are a few reasons- but the main reason is – Pat left Chicago like a big weenie last December to take an amazing job opportunity.  Being apart has not been super easy and wonderful.  On top of that my lease came to an end, and my soulmate decided to adult really hard and buy a condo, and I was able to get a job back in Michigan.  Oh yeah – all of my family is there too.

So now is the time to really introduce you to Pat.  Readers, this is Pat:


Precious right? He’s been super supportive with all of my bloggin ways, and is easily in my top 5 readers- his mom probably reads it more than he does 🙂 Pat is doing super well, and I miss his face, and I miss my family.  I was also promised a puppy.

So for all of my loves in Chicago.  Don’t you worry, I don’t plan on forgetting my way back to this amazing city.  I already have 3-4 trips planned to return between now and October (marathon).  This place has become a home to me, and leaving it didn’t come without an immense amount of consideration and thought.

How will this impact H3RD?

It won’t.  In fact I’m hoping this brings back even more opportunities to blog and see where H3RD can go.

I have a few shout-outs to make with regard to Chicago, and what I’ll be leaving behind.

Dear Venados,  I know you’re all weary of “transplants”, I’ll be back, A LOT, and I still have my Venados jerseys- I’ll be starting your Michigan Chapter…or continuing it.  


Dear Red Line,   Thanks for always getting me where I need to go.  I have seen so many interesting aspects of human nature displayed on you: from literally seeing human shit, from contact highs, and your unique smell of urine – I just don’t think there is anything like you. 



Dear Blackhawks Fans,  I don’t care how many times your team has been in the playoffs.  Detroit is called Hockeytown for a reason.  

Dear “The Chicago Dog”, You’re literally perfection.  At 2 am or 2 pm.  

Dear Del Seoul,  Like..  I can’t.even.  I will miss your fine ass establishment so much.  Would you be willing to start one in Michigan?  I will be a cashier if I have to.  


Dear Benedictine Gals,  You know specifically who you are.  Even though I don’t always see you, I’m always in constant touch with you all, already – so I don’t expect that to change.  I hope I can introduce you ladies to all of the fine Taco Bell establishments in Michigan 🙂


Dear North Ave Beach/Castaways, You were my first real introduction to Chicago.  You were hot, messy, your drinks are too strong, and your sand is filled with weirdos.  I enjoyed my time being one of those weirdos

Dear Portillos, This falls into the “Del Seoul category” would be willing to open in Michigan?  I love you.  As God is my witness- I’ll be back for you.  

Dear Lakefront Path, If I added up the amount of hours I’ve spent on this trail, running, walking around the harbor drinking beer with Casey, cycling etc.  It easily adds up to be a significant fraction of my time spent here.  

Dear #3 Bus, You have dicked me over so many times, I have been late/taken ubers to COUNTLESS places because of you.  You are like “that friend” that just shows up when she wants, sometimes she’s one time, sometimes she just never shows.  You’re “that girl” #3 Bus.  

Dear Divvy Bikes/Divvy Bike Riders,  Please.  Just. Stop.  

And lastly – to my soulmate, who I begged, and pleaded to drop your job and things in Michigan and move here, and now you’re all adult-y and a homeowner.  I will easily miss you most.  I hope you know that I am giving you my bed as a way to forever call dibs on your guest room, and I already plan on coming back to visit like once a month.


Remember: The Chicago dog doesn’t have ketchup, Navy Pier is a tourist trap, never make eye contact with a bum when they’re shitting in the street, and most of all.  Please.  Remember that Chicago is easily one of the most amazing cities ever.  If you are lucky enough to visit, do it (and don’t complain about the weather).  And if you live here – know that a small piece of me envies you.

But again please remember.  It’s not “good-bye”, I will be 3 1/2 hours away- so.  Until next time.

Ok. But seriously I’ll be here for like another 3 weeks. So I’ll be hitting up of all these establishments at least once before I leave – so you should definitely join me.


  1. Sarah:  Congratulations on your new job and moving back to the Mitten!  We are thrilled!!You are still so close to Chitown— trips there will be easy to make!! No problemo!You sure must interview great… you always land a job!  Congratulations.  Liz

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