Do Rite Donuts & Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Hide yo’ donuts, hide yo’ biscuits, but don’t hide the honey butter.


After my decision to depart Chicago, I realized how much and how many things I will truly miss about this amazing city.

The food and dining experiences are easily in the top 3 of things I’ll miss.  Ok it’s number 2 – right behind Casey.

Saturday morning I had a donut adventure with a fellow Venado Ruby.  We braved the rain to get up and go to Nike’s run club (white shoes were a poor choice 

 , it was our initial desire to go to M Burger for shakes and fries, but they did not open early enough.  So we ended up at Do Rite.  And yes.  They Do Rite. I had the Blueberry Lemon Old Fashioned (which was amazing), and she had the Vegan Raspberry – which she said was heavenly, we also both nabbed a donut for someone else too – Ruby for her mom, and I got one for Casey.




So.  Do Rite, does it right.  Stop by.

Ok back to the chicken.  As Casey ate her donut we discussed that we needed to have an epic food adventure later that day.  I have followed Honey Butter Fried Chicken on Instagram for months now.  Just the thought of biscuits, chicken, and mac n cheese about made both of us drool.  It had been decided.  Honey Butter is where we would go.  And go we did, we braved trains, rain, wind, and lines.  But we made it. We also braved a Sarah that was three beers deep – as I came from a Nike viewing party of the Pre classic.


We live in the South Loop.  Honey Butter is north and west, and far (but so worth it).  It’s diner style so you wait in line to get to the counter, place your order, then you wait for a table, or have the host/hostess suggest a place to sit.

They also have a clear policy on not saving tables – so if you don’t have a number that they give you – you shouldn’t be at a table.  Casey and I both took pleasure in watching these people be asked to get up- after we saw them leave the line.

When I got up to the counter I was torn between the kale cole slaw and the creamed corn as my second side – the guy said either was a good choice so I went with: 2 pc fried chicken (comes with biscuits and honey butter), pimento mac n cheese, and creamed corn.


When I went to pay he whispered (I know you were really struggling which side to get, so I threw in the kale cole slaw on me).  I told the man he was an angel, and tipped him handsomely.

We were seated at the back bar, and the bartenders served to be both knowledgeable hosts, and entertainment for the evening.  Between watching them make countless hand-crafted cocktails, and listening to their recommendations on how to use the honey butter, and when to add the specialty hot sauce and to what.  I know some people don’t like sitting at the bar, however I have grown to be really fond of it, because bartenders are mostly entertaining.  I have good expereinces sitting at bars – Yolk, Umami, HBFC – the list continues, and you get attention right away if you need something.


Additionally the food was magnifcent even reheated, as I took some home with me.

So.  In closing, if you live in Chicago, if you’re visiting …. you should definitely swing by both or one of these places!


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