RPM Italian & a Girls Night

As we get further into the month of June, I continue to eat my way throught my Chicago favorites in preparation to head back to Michigan.

One thing I will miss most about Chicago is just having the availability of so many great things right at my fingertips, and I can have a variety of cuisines whenever I want.

One of my favorite places in Chicago is RPM Italian.  Yes!  I totally admit that I am a Guiliana and Bill fan.  And being a fan is what got me in the door initially.  BUT it’s the food that made me come back 3-4 more times.

I had a girls night last week with some of my favorite lady loves.  We have come a long way from dinners at Taco Bell followed by Dairy Queen, and Masters level nutrition classes.

My boo’s circa 2013. Ladies we need an updated photo.

We decided to go out for a multitude of reasons a) it has been too long b) I could use my leaving as an excuse to force them into the city (love you guys)- they all live in the burbs and c) they had never been to RPM before, and it is very easy to get reservations to restaurants like RPM at 6pm on a weeknight.

Again I’ve been here a number of times, and I have tried most of the items on the menu- especially the pastas.  I have never been disappointed by ANYTHING I’ve had here.

This visit was also the first time I have had any desserts so that was nice too!!

Alright so here is the highlight reel:

Fresh (Homemade) Ricotta, with semolina toast. This is my favorite little appie!!!
The ‘special’ pizzette that night: shaved asparagus, and truffle oil (I think)… either way it was delicious
The Carbonara- the egg yolk had already been mixed in.
closest to front: Mama Depandi’s Bucatini Middle: Pappardelle Bolognese Far right (back): Potatoe Gnocchi with boar sauage & rainbow chard
The Tartufo (hazelnut gelato, and a chocolate shell)
Sicilian Cannoli: chocolate almond
Bill’s Chocolate Budino: salted caramel & cocoa nibs (my favorite)

              So as I’ve said- I’ve been here before, and I enjoy every trip back!  I have had a few of these dishes like every time- the Pappardelle is my favorite, I’ve also had the spicy king crab with squid ink spaghetti.

RPM also has an amazing gluten free selection – the pasta is delicious (and not delicious for “gluten free pasta” -like it’s actually good pasta), but they are also really good about asking about why your allergies/intolerances to make sure they get things right!  Which I appreciate!!

This place is more of like a tapas style place, so I definitely recommend going with a small group of people so you can sample a variety of things!


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