What Does an RD Eat in a Day/Week

a better idea is writing about what I think about eating versus what I actually eat.  Meaning I think about donuts all day, then I eat fish and green beans.

I also wish that green beans could taste like donuts, and that I could have a pet unicorn.

A few days ago a friend tagged me in an article from Buzzfeed.  They interviewed a Registered Dietitian about what she ate in a day.

And it gave me the idea to do it here, as I did not feel what she consumed…was representative of me.  And that is totally FINE.  And a good way to tie in to my recipe rewind.


Although this week…. was not my best week of meals

I have a very high client volume, and foods for me – at work need to be easy to eat.  I like bigger more savory breakfasts: eggs, chicken sausage, veggies I prefer that over cereals, yogurts, etc.  Protein is was tends to keep me feeling full for the long haul.

I do not require alarms to remind me to eat.  As soon as I feel the feelings of hunger I try to eat right away.  I am not one of those people who “forgets” a meal, as I’m eating one meal – I’m likely already planning my next meal, and thinking about my snacks.

Breakfast is something I make a concerted effort to prepare in advance.  About the only thing I’m able to manage most mornings is getting my coffee ready, if I make it out of the house, with my pants on, coffee in hand, and lunch bag- the morning is already a success.

When I don’t the chance to pre-prep breakfasts I rely on Good Food Made Simple Breakfast Burritos.  I get them at Target, and they are pretty good in a pinch.


I also do a lot of protein smoothies, chicken sausage and eggs for breakie as well. But coffee. That’s the most important thing.

This ~10 oz coffee and 8 oz Kalona whole milk

My lunch bag is my arsenal of snacks, and lunch.  I fill it to the brim every day, to prevent, excess hunger, hanger, and general feelings of ill will caused by my hunger feelings.

My “arsenal”

I love these Pearl’s Pitted olives, you can get different varieties. They are a great way to squeeze in some Monounsaturated Fats!

These are my favorite little snack treat. I wish I didnt love these darn things so much

Carrots and snap peas with greek yogurt and some ranch salad dressing powder OR dill, sea salt, lemon, and pepper

 Depending on my client volume will depend on when I can actually eat a meal.


Mixed vegetables, 1 large egg, and a chicken sausage

One and a half chicken sausage, with Trader Joe’s cauliflower and romanesco and my zucchini lasagna- this was also dinner the night before

This has also been a week where it’s been really stressful, and a lot has been going on.  So I feel like I’ve done pretty well all things considered.

My normal MO in the afternoon is that I require snacks.  Especially because I leave work and go right home to work out….well I’m supposed to anyway.

After I work out or run – I”ll eat dinner.  Dinner as of recent has been – “what can I eat from my freezer – to clean it out”.


So it’s typically a frozen vegetable, and meat. Or a protein shake with frozen fruit.

I also found a pack my “MyBread Pitas” they are like “free” of everything: gluten, dairy etc.

But they make lovely little pizza crusts so I use them for that- I normally buy a pack and throw them in the freezer- and just use as needed.

So on average I take in:

1500-1600 kcal

160-170 g carb

60-70 g fat

70-75 g protein

With regard to protein this is a bit on the low end for me- I normally eat a bit more but again I’m in “clean out mode” this week.

This week has been a clear cut case of “if it fits your macros”- despite this doesn’t totally fit my ideal macros. I normall consume more protein, less sodium, but on a normal week I’m significantly more prepared.

I do meal prep on Sunday’s, therefore have breakfasts and lunches and snacks all ready for the following week.

This did not happen last weekend, so I spent the whole week trying to catch up. On top for that- I have a lot more dinner plans than what I normally do- as I am trying to see people before I leave Chicago.

This will also probably be the last edition of this that I do for awhile since I have three nights of dinner plans this coming week, and will be continuing to by only what I need to get by on.

However, when this resumes it will be about my new and exciting adventure about shopping, budgeting, and cooking for TWO people.  This is something I am both looking forward to, and dreading (Pat and have many similar eating habits, however we also have many differences), I’m also not sure of where I fall on the “domestic goddess spectrum” – I am guessing somewhere between Oscar the Grouch and an adorable 20-something.  We will see I guess.


  1. This was really interesting! I would have thought RD’s might avoid sausages due to fat and olives due to sodium, but maybe they’re not as “bad” as I thought? By the way, I made the mistake of RWH (reading while hungry) and must now find snacks immediately! Everything looks so delicious!

    1. Thanks! I am pretty particular about the olives- for that reason- olives themselves aren’t that high in sodium, and the particular brand I get (Pearls) have about 120 my per serving. The chicken sausages were actually a pretty big culprit for sodium…. I just really like it- so I try to incorporate it from time to time 🙂 . Thank you again! Hope you found a wonderful snack!!

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