All the Milez, the 1st 2015 Chicago Marathon Update

First of all – this is my official shout out to all the sassy ladies who ran the Nike Women’s 15k in Toronto this past weekend.  As well as those who rocked Ragnar Chicago!

I am envious I couldn’t participate in either, and hope to be in one or the other next year.

Second of all, HUGE thanks and shout out to The Dynamic Runner who not only put together my training plan for Kalamazoo, but also Chicago.  So the “plan” I’ll be referencing for the next 17 weeks, she is the mastermind behind that.

I’m also hoping she is maybe not reading this….because I didn’t follow the plan the first week.  Both intentionally and unintentionally.

This what was on the plan:

Mon- Rest (that went well)

Tues- 4 x 400 & 2 x 800 (yeah I didn’t do that)

Wed- 4 easy (ok I did that)

Thurs – 6 tempo (didn’t happen)

Friday rest – (I did that- that was easy)

Saturday – 10 long – well I ran 12.5

Sun- 4 easy (I did this, but it was hard).

Today is rest day, Mondays are now my new favorite day of the week.

So last week, me not following the plan, as I said was both intentional and unintentional.

Last weekend – if you recall I did a half and a 5k, back to back.  I wanted to ease into my runs this week, because my legs were still pretty fatigued.  Rest days are easy.  Tuesday, unfortunately I had a very sick diva cat, so my run time wound up being spent at the vet…. Fortunately he has recovered, and is back to his normal sassy & diabolical self.

Wednesdays are run club days and getting that run in was easy peezy.

Thursday night I went out for margaritas, and dinner right after work, so the tempo run had to wait.

Friday night I rested, and did a light workout on the elliptical.

Saturday was when I accidentally became and over achiever, and yesterday I did my easy recovery run. 


For my long runs before leaving Chicago, it’s been my intention to run with Nike- that way I have support, and it just makes a long run easier when I know I have signed up and people are expecting me somewhere.  At the time I signed up, my only options for distances were: 6, 8, & 12 miles.

I figured I’d go with 8, since that was close to 10, and my legs were pretty tired- therefore I opted out of trying to overachieve and do 12.

Well apparently fate, Nike Run Club, and other higher powers put their heads together… because when arrived to the NTC studio Saturday morning I was informed there were only 6 and 12 mile options.

My displeasure was obvious.

In my mind I felt 6 was too few, but I also was not mentally nor had I physically prepared for a 12 miler.

What I feel I can get away with for a single digit long run versus a double digit run is different.  For instance I would have eaten more than 1/2 a quest bar for breakfast, I would have taken my prilosec, I would not have eaten chinese food that night before, I might have tried harder to go to the bathroom, I would have put on an extra coat of body glide.


Should, coulda, woulda at its finest.

But, I sucked it up, and very slowly waddled over to the 12 mile group.

For my pace, there was just myself, one other runner, and our Nike pacer, so there was a little bit of talking here and there, and lots of running, so much running that we went past our final turnaround point and ran closer to 13 miles than 12.  Oh well.

It was still a gorgeous day for a run, and I’m glad I did it, the run itself went well, I was right on pace most of the run too! 


Total mileage for the week ended up being: 20  miles. I’ll definitely be picking things up a bit this week, and making a more concerted effort to get all of my runs in – despite social plans.

I also plan to put a better effort into foam rolling, and stretching this week, there may be an ice bath in my future as well, to give an added oomph for recovery.

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