Mileage and Life Update

Ermagerd.  Well, I moved.  I am not a Michigan resident again.

Last week was a total blur of insanity, which involved finishing work, packing, and coaxing Chewy into not murdering me in my sleep.

I am coping with lots of eating and drinking and not as much running as I should. But I currently have two weeks off that will be dedicated to organization and getting back on point with my training plan.

In other news….

Last week I journeyed up to Bucktown (back when I was still a Chicago resident) twice in one day. The first time to run the new 606 trail, and the second for a bar crawl.



The 606 is a really cool (new) elevated trail that cuts through Bucktown and Logan Square. It currently is in it’s first month of unveiling, so by the time I finished my run last week, it was getting ridiculously packed with people, in fact I cut my run a tad short due to the fact I spending time running around people than just running.

But I did get up to Bucktown early enough to avoid a lot of traffic, and people at the start of my run.

For anyone interested in running/walking this, and avoid a crowd- I’d recommend getting there early on a weekend/weekday, or later in the evening on a weeknight – like 7:30 from what I’m told.

It’s really unique, Chicago has made me fall in love with running paths!

After my run, I popped into Nike real quick to just see what was new and adorable… and then made my way down to Umami Burger for a little treat after my run.

I ordered the Manly or (Wo)Manly Burger, and Truffle Fries, and ate my way into a mini coma.  But not for long, as I went on a Logan Square Bar Crawl with Casey.



I fully admit that having an insanely busy social calendar (farewell dinners), and packing have taken over priority on running.

So the recap of last weeks runs:

Monday > supposed to rest, and did so

Tuesday > speed work – did not do this > ended up doing cardio core with Shaun T

Wednesday > 5 mile easy run – check

Thursday > 6 mile tempo – did not happen, got super caught up in packing

Friday > rested

Saturday > 8 mile long rung – ended up doing 7 because of the heat/lack of preparedness/just being over the run in general

 Sunday > I really just laid around and was hungover from the activities from the night before, and did a lot of packing and cleaning

I will definitely miss Chicago but I’m excited to be returning in three weeks for the B1G 10k .

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