Last Run, First Run

Well I’m on day four of being a Michigan resident again.

I made the big move on Saturday.  What a day it was.  Amazingly enough it was not a stressful day Pat and his dad were like moving machines, and I had a good majority of things ready to go.

It didn’t get stressful until the car ride with Chewy.  Despite giving him some anti anxiety medication he became anxious enough to make his bladder like Elsa from Frozen – and – you guessed it “let it go”.

It made for a very long car ride.  However, he – well all of us are adjusting well to the new living space.

I also made it out of my old apartment without crying like a little girl – but it was hard, because a lot of amazing things happened there, especially in the time that Casey and I lived there.


I decided to celebrate my final hours in the 312 with a run on the Lakefront Trail to close out the many miles I ran on it.  The lakefront trail is easily in the top 5 things I will miss most about Chicago, it’s become, in a way, a second home to me.  I’ve logged hundreds- quite possibly in the thousands of miles on that trail.  So no better way to say goodbye than a farewell run Saturday morning.



With that line of thinking there was no better way than to embrace my new residence then to run Sunday.


Now I did grow up in Michigan, and have lived here for the better part of my life, and I am also familiar with Lansing, as Pat has lived here for 6 months, so I have my running routes.  But still.  No better way to embrace my new area code than to run it.  So I did.

I’ve also found some cute little parks and running trails- in addition to Lansing’s Riverfront trail. The Hawk Island Trail is connected to the main riverfront trail, but it is shorter and pretty good for speed work- except for the Mosquitos….


So far, things have been amazing, Chewy has explored the patio, Pat and I have done more exploring of restaurants near our apartment, and overall I’m just enjoying my little time off.

I’m also enjoying my little trips to Horrocks, and the easy access I have to local fruits and other delights. 

Local Michigan black raspberries, dragon fruit, and jicama


  1. One of the hardest things about moving is losing the running routes. I revisit old routes and the nostalgia is overwhelming sometimes. I hope you start to feel settled soon!

  2. Five years later and I still miss some of the trails on the west coast that I used to run when I lived there. On the plus side, my new running group is introducing me to all kinds of new routes right here in my hometown that I didn’t even know existed! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend in your new place!

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