Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth everyone!! Hoping everyone is having a super fun and very safe fourth!!

Pat and I ventured out to the boat in Grand Haven for a fun filled fourth with his parents and some extended family.

Having some time off of work has allowed me to practice my domestic goddess skills, so last week I went to Horrocks, and got some delicious Michigan black raspberries and some dragon fruit that needed up coming with us to the boat 

 We got into GH Thursday night after sitting in some pretty wicked traffic – we went out for dinner and drinks.

 I got up today to do 4 on the fourth this morning (I pushed off my long run until tomorrow).  

After I got back from my run I showered and after that we met up with a lot Pat’s extended family, and spent another marvelous day on the boat!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe fourth! 

What did you guys do on the fourth? 

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