Marathon Miles and Elephant Ears

Top of the morning readers! Here is my quick update with regard to marathon miles.

Last weeks plan was:

Monday – rest > on my rest day I’ve been doing more strength training- not excessive- more on the moderate side, just basic core, arms, quads etc. 

Tuesday > speed day: 2 x 400 & 6 x 800

This was cut short by Pat, because I was running around a park in Lansing- and there were some homeless men that invaded my space – not in a horrible or awfully scary way- but invaded my space when I was running with Pat so he put the kibash on the remaining 50% of my run
Wednesday > 5 mile easy- did that but more at a tempo pace

Thursday > 6 mile tempo – I cut this down to three because I was feeling pretty crappy this day and it was really hot. 

Friday > rest day, and rest I did 

Saturday > 14 mile long run- done and done- so glad I started at 7am because last Saturday was a hot one! 

Sunday > 5 miles easy or Cross train- I did 3 miles easy 
Saturday ended up being a busy day. Once I finished my long run I went home to shower so that I could meet my family in Elsie- the Dairy Capital of Michigan, for some fun fair like festivities- including but not limited to Elephant Ears.  

Dairy Days was always a special event growing up. Typically because we all kind of grew up in the middle of nowhere and this was always something I did in the summer with my cousins. I think I always liked it because it always meant three days of eating foods we did not keep in the house (elephant ears, caramel apples, cotton candy, etc) it was essentially a 48 hour sugar high.

As I mentioned before Elsie is the Dairy Capital of Michigan, therefore it celebrates all things “cow”. And yes folks there are cows. Real cow, and of course structures to celebrate cows.  

 And I mean I ran 14 miles, so I earned my elephant ear and then some… Although I could not finish the whole thing. I’m not sure I even got down half of it.  

All in all it was a great long run. Hot as all get out so I’m glad I got an early start. But so far with regard to marathon training: so far so good. 

Later that night Pat and I went out to do so some more Lansing focused exploration. There is a distillery near where we live, and not only is it a distillery but they also make hand crafted cocktails and have infusions of their vodka. 

The “New Fashioned” and “Rosemary Breeze” at American Fifth

The service and cocktails were great we are already planning to go back this week, to try out more of the menu. 


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