No Bake Nut Butter Protein Balls via The Lean Green Bean

Prior to starting to my new job I had plenty of time to peruse various social media outlets. In that perusal I happened upon a divine recipe, that is already a household hit for Pat and I.

I found this recipe via The Lean Green Bean blog I follow. The thing that made me interested is that they are no bake- so could be a perfect piece of my weekly meal prep (she used them for her weekly meal prep too). 

The other thing that got me- I LOVE NUT BUTTERS. Almond, peanut, cashew…. I use them as a way to combat my pesky sweet tooth. So these are a majestic substitution. 

I did not deviate a whole lot from her recipe- but if you’re a frequent reader – you know I typically do deviate from recipes to some degree- and this was no exception. 

Her exact recipe can found on the link above, and below is what I did:

> 3 1/2 cups Rice Chex cereal

> 1 cup dried cherries

> 1 cup peanut butter 

> 1/3 cup honey

> 1 cup seeds (I did a combo of chia, and pumpkin) 

> 2 scoops chocolate protein powder 

I placed the cereal in a bowl and crushed up as directed – then added the seeds, and cherries, then the other ingredients. 

Even Pat, who is semi picky about “nutritious” foods – enjoyed these, and was really excited when he saw all the ingredients on the counter on Sunday. 

I also have to say that the bulk section of our local Kroger made this not only an easy recipe but a low cost recipe ~ $15.11- and that’s including me adding in some cost from my protein powder that was already on hand. 

Total yield was 22 balls – so each ball is about $.68, not too shabby. 

Macros for them taking into account my protein powder and the type of peanut butter (I also did a whole cup of dried fruit, instead of 1/2)- these would be the main variable that would (moderately) impact the macronutrients.

This is my print out from MyFitnessPal. Just about for anything I make- I add in the recipes to the “My foods and recipes” section of MFP so that I can somewhat keep track of what I’m taking in. 

Doing this also helps me- I might be an RD but sometimes things like fat, salt, and sugar sneak up on me- and this gives me ideas on where I might make substitutions. 

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