Marathon Miles: Hot as….

Oh man. It’s not only hot here in the mitten, it’s humid. The humidity is what tends to be my demise. I do ok in heat, but humidity and I- we aren’t friends.

Last week I think was the hottest, and most humid to date. I managed to get through – I think due to a combination of dumb luck, and following my own advice on running in the hot temps. 

I’ve been closely watching the weather, and trying to run before the humidity and temps peak, either getting up earlier to run or running a bit later. I’ve been carrying my phone and water on all runs, as well as slowing my pace down a bit at the start of the runs, to gauge how I’m feeling. 

On the agenda for last week: 

Monday: rest day. I’ve been using Monday’s to rest from running , but I’ve been staying active, I go to the gym with Pat and either get on the stair climber or do some strength work.

Tuesday: speed work, I was supposed to do 5 miles at mile pace. I 100% misread my training calendar (even the wrong month)…. And did 6 800’s at a 8:35 pace. It was …. Hard. 

Wednesday: an easy 4 miler- I did the more miles, but it was not easy- my stomach was giving me a really uncomfortable reminder to get back on my Prilosec regimen.

Thursday: after a quick side trip to Playmaker’s Summer Sale I knocked out a 5 mile tempo. It was hot, and miserable, but it got done. 

Friday: rest day, and rest I did. I found an amazing place near my work that sells craft beer so I drank some delicious beer, ate ice cream, and drank a lot of water

Saturday: long run. I had 10 on my calendar. But even at 6:30 am it was already 70, 90% humidity, and I lost my shade relatively fast. I only ended up doing 9, but it was a solid 9. 

And I had this handsome fella waiting for me when I got home  

Sunday: I opted for cross training this Sunday instead of the recovery run. So I ended up doing 30 minutes on the stair climber. 

Additionally after our workout, Pat and I took in some mini golf. We also tried out a Lansing restaurant we have been dying to try: Meats. And we were not disappointed. 


so nice to MEAT you. This was my Sunday cheat meal: 1/2 lb of wings (yes I ate them all), a side of spicy creamed corn, mac n cheese, and corn bread
Everything was amazing. But the cornbread literally brought tears to my eyes- Pat has some photo evidence. Like I’m already thinking about my next really long run that will take place in Lansing, and having it end here, so I can pick up a massive order of Mac n cheese and corn bread. 

I am getting nervous for the next two weeks. I’ll be traveling a lot and (going back to Chicago twice) and I’m notorious for skipping runs of travel, and do not have a specific day/time/plan for my long run. 

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