Mileage Recap: Traveling & Running

I am notoriously bad at traveling and doing a long run.

So the fact that I am staying on schedule so far this summer with my training plan is pretty epic for me.  Especially early on.  I can be queen of the excuses – especially when traveling – or staying with my parents or family – the “When in Rome” is my favorite.

Meaning: well I’m here, so I should do and eat everything that everyone is…my long run be damned.  Then the early morning alarm comes, and I think “well it’s still early in my training plan – so I’ll cut it short, and do some tomorrow”.

I can’t really say what is keeping me motivated I really can’t.  I think the main thing is – after last year, I know I can physically complete a marathon.  So this year I know I don’t need to be psychotic, and over train, but I also just want a better performance than last year.  So I think there is a pretty good balance this training cycle.

I have definitely backed off a bit during the week, especially with the humid days, and I don’t feel bad about it at all.  The mileage I’m doing on the respective days is still corresponding with the recommended pace (tempo, easy, long etc) but if I’ feeling like crap on a hot day, I just back off on mileage.

What keeps you motivated to stay on track with your goals?  Whether it be running, weight loss, etc?

Here is my mileage recap from last week:

Monday – rest with body weight exercises

Tuesday- 4 x 800 & 1 x 1200

Wednesday- 4 miles easy pace (I ran too fast- it should have been at a slower pace)

Thursday- 4 miles tempo (I totally made an oops here, and thought I was supposed to 6 initially, and cut it down, but it was actually supposed to be 8…)

Friday- rest day

Saturday – 13 miles – I ran these the Elk Grove Forest Preserve near our hotel.  It was so pretty, and there is a 7 mile loop, and the first 7 miles I was able to run a majority of them in the shade.



Sunday – body weight exercises

Sunday was a tough day because I actually did want to run, but it wasn’t feasible based on when I got back from Chicago.

This coming week I am really looking forward to some minorly cooler temps, and what I anticipate to be a long beautiful run in Charlevoix this Saturday.

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