Mileage Recap: Hot buns and long runs

Oh hey there readers! Hope everyone’s week is off to a glorious start!! And hopefully any of my Lansing area readers managed to stay dry, and not flooded yesterday. 

yes- this really was a thing that happened in Lansing, and no, I was not pleased, and yes, I’m tacky for posting a screen shot

The Beebster and I returned home safely, without floating away. This is the start of what is going to be a crazy week. I have traveled away from home the last three weeks, and I’m beat. Pat and I just got back from Charlevoix Sunday, just in time for him to unpack, do laundry, and leave for a work trip.

Oh did I forget to mention that we move at the end of this week?! Life is super fun right now.

But training is still going well. Here’s a quick recap of last week:

Monday: rest day with body weight exercises

Tuesday: speed work- only I did it a bit different I did just 3 1/2 miles at a sub 9 minute pace- doing active recovery every 3/4 mile

Wednesday: 5 miles east pace

Thursday: 7 mile tempo run

Friday: rest

Saturday: 15 miles

Sunday: 3 mile easy recovery run

My long run was one I was nervous about- it was supposed to be 16, but by the end I wanted that extra 10 minutes to soak in the hotel pool instead of run. No regrets.

But overall it was great. I did have a lot of apprehension because that is a really significant distance to run alone. 

However I did a lot of planning leading up to this trip, and found a trail (The Little Traverse Wheelway) that goes from Charlevoix up to Petoskey. It was flat, it was pre-planned, it was GORGEOUS, and the weather was perfection (62 degrees). I took off around 8:30, and just enjoyed the run. 

Part of the trail runs along Lake Michigan – which is so gorgeous.

And at one point I saw a Doe and a Fawn- which was amazing. They both just stood their and watched me, but the fawn did keeping hiding behind the Doe. 

Once I got back to the hotel, I showered and went downtown with Pat and his parents before the wedding. We had lunch, and we were able to go into a few shops with his parents and even get some treats  

Overall it was a super fun weekend. One topic that keeps coming up- and I don’t really have an answer for how I do it- is how I’m able to do this mentally- especially when I travel. And the answer is: I just do it. I make a conscious effort to make it a priority and it just gets done. 

There is a fair amount of mental trickery involved here, I won’t lie. But this is the leap I honestly believe most people make when transitioning from training and running “shorter” distances to training for a full marathon. 

What tricks or tips do you use to motivate yourself to workout? 

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