Massive Mileage Recap

Sorry for going off of the reservation readers and being MIA for far too long. 

Since I’ve been gone ….  

Pat, Chewy, and I moved. Work has been great, and I’ve been running a lot. Oh, and eating. 


Some of us were clearly more excited to move than others….
The move and the organization, sorting, etc has been the thing that’s taken up most of my free time. But don’t worry sidekick Chewy and I have some awesome things in the works. 

Is it weird for my cat to be my side kick?

Ok I didn’t think so either.

The temps are starting to cool off a bit more and while I’m enjoying that for running- I’m not ready for summer to phase out quite yet. 

Last week my mileage was lower due to the fact we moved- I’m not going to go over it at this point but it was just “ok” and I did hit most of my mileage but made some reductions here and there, and did my long run- the only thing that was really skipped was my Sunday recovery run- and that was “replaced” with moving- aka labor. 

Yes there was a poor rationalization hidden in there. 

But between the move and running I did make time to check out the new local bakery: Glazed and Confused. All the NOMZ.


Welcome Glazed & Confused, you are an amazing and welcome addition to the neighborhood
This week was significantly better. Knock on wood- marathon training is generally going well. I’m doing body weight exercises 1-2 times per week to keep aches and pains at bay- and I’ve found that to be helpful.

Monday- body weight exercises 

Tuesday- speed work: 2×1200, 2×1600

Wednesday- 4.5 miles – did a new route (new to me) around Lansing which was pretty neat; easy pace- the easy pace was easy to keep because I was with a group and it was hot. 

Thursday – 7 mile tempo 

Friday- body weight exercises

Saturday- 18 miles (shazam) 

Sunday- 4 miles recovery – this is planned because obviously today is Saturday. But in all honesty if I put it on the internet it’s likely I’m going to do it. 
I will say that the hardest part to date of my training plan has been the Thursday night tempos. For several reasons- the heat, and more importantly by Thursday that is day 3 of 3 running in a row. It’s also difficult for me as a runner to start off at a slower pace then cut down to a faster pace. I will say that this past Thursday was the first time I felt I successfully did the workout. 

I do have a backlog of easy meals and tips that Pat and I have been implementing and trying so stay tuned for that. The hiatus is over friends.

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