Beautifully Shredded Barbacoa: Recipe

A few weeks ago Pat and I realized there was man in our backyard (the Lansing City Market), selling meat out of his truck (a legitimate refrigerated truck).  All we knew going in was that he was selling beef.  It just happened that at the time we saw the truck we were discussing our grocery list for the week- and talked about getting some beef…. so that truck was like a beacon to us.

Bottom line-I highly recommend: Lonesome Pines Beef the owner Jerry is outside of the Lansing City Market every Saturday, and from our experience thus far – everything has been fantastic.  The beef is delicious, it is also grassfed, and the owner uses a highly reputable producer: Byron Center meats.  The owner is also very knowledgeable about he meats he has, and was able to answer the slew of questions Pat and I had.

Ok, so onto what I use it for.  Pat, and I are taco people. Give us seasoned meat, vegetables, some tortillas and avocado – we are easy to please.

So I decided on a recipe for shredded beef for tacos- kind of a homage to Chipotle’s barbacoa.  We ended up picking out a 2 lb English Roast – which is well suited for long cooking, at lower temps versus fast, drying cooking methods (frying).

So I essentially spent a few hours on pinterest and put together a hodge podge of 2-3 different recipes, and it all came together in crock pot quite majestically.

I seasoned the beef itself with salt, pepper, & cilantro paste, I also browned all of the sides in a pan with olive oil, then transferred the meat with all of its juices into the crock.  I then added a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, I then added about 2 1/2 cups of warm water, with some taco seasoning mixed in, and cooked that sucker all day on low heat (about 8 hours).

God was it beautiful.  It shredded perfectly, it was perfectly tender, juicy – not dried out a a bit.  I made some homemade guacamole when I got home from work as an accompaniment, we were so excited.

So let’s circle back to that entire 8 oz can of chipotle peppers I used.

Big mistake.  Spicy mistake.

Pat and I both enjoy foods with flavor, kick, and spice.  We also both have awful acid reflux – and we agreed, that the entire can – was in fact overkill.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

So should you recreate this – it worked out amazing – but maybe stick to like 1/3 of a 8-10 oz can of chipotle peppers.

You can also use the same cooking method, with the same cut of meat for beautiful crock pot, pot roast.  Which I did the following week- with potatoes and some carrots. I mean a pot roast is pretty straightforward, but it turned out great.

Sadly I do not have a picture, I’m learning more and more living with Pat that I need to take pics right away- otherwise the food starts disappearing. 

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