Will run for (Sister) Pie

Last week I felt like a champion. The temperatures dipped into the mid-60’s for the better part of the week, most of the miles we amazing. Again I felt like a champion. To put this into perspective I drove to work at 7:30 today with my AC on trying to prevent the impending frizz-fro of my hair, to just stop sweating a little. 

Mother Nature is a cruel temptress.

Monday- rest day with body weight exercises

Tuesday- my 3 x 1 mile just turned into a 3 mile tempo run because of how awesome it was outside. I managed a 8:38 pace overall, which I was quite pleased with for a training run

Wednesday- 6 miles easy pace

Thursday- 6 miles tempo

Friday- rest day, with stretching 

Saturday- 12 miles

Sunday- 3 miles 

Sunday prior to my run I journeyed from Lansing to Detroit to link up with Dynamic Runner for an evaluation of my hip and running form and some touring of Detroit. 

I had never been to Detroit – outside of an Amtrak station, and Comerica Park – so again never to Detroit. I was really excited because she had told me about some really awesome places – I was so pumped, and I was not disappointed. 

After my eval she took me to Sister Pie

Oh emmm geeeee.

It was amazing. I ordered a ton of stuff, and the prices are really good too (the baked goods are better).

I ordered 2 slices of the salted maple pie, some tarragon and lemon shortbread cookies, and some ginger snap cookies. 

It was a miracle any of it made it back to Lansing. Even Pat, who is picky about sweets loved the pie. 

After we left Sister Pie, we headed to the Eastern Market by way of The Heidelberg Project. This is easily one of the coolest and most unique things I have ever seen. The project itself was in a way to draw awareness to the blight of this neighborhood, in addition to East Detroit.

Despite having never visited Detroit before this weekend- I am a proud product of Michigan. Detroit is city that is a comeback kid. And I hope as a resident of Michigan projects like this can help raise awareness, and help inspire to make this city great again. Several of the houses- I was told were victims to acts of arson- which is extremely sad considering the motives of the artist. At the very least check out the link above to learn more. 

Should ever be in the area it is so worth checking out. 

The Eastern Market, which is awesome. I’d like to see Lansing’s own market be close to that level some day. There were so many vendors, and some many different things to take in from licorice, candles, gluten free brownies, even vintage (nice vintage) clothes. 

And food trucks. 

There were food trucks.

I almost wept. 

She let me pick, I opted for the Hero or Villain Sandwich Truck.

 I selected their version of the BLT with an egg on top. Both of our sandwiches were delicious. She had one on gluten free bread with a spicy cherry sauce that looked simply heavenly. If I were a better blogger I’d have remembered the names of our respective sandwiches. 

But clearly I’m a cotton headed ninny muggins 

But I managed to get a snap of my sandwich 


So that counts for something! 

Either way- I would HIGHLY suggest checking out all of the above mentioned places (and truck). 

So what did you do last week? 



  1. Layna sent me this – I’m Anji, the kitchen manager at Sister Pie! (and also from East Lansing!) I am so happy you got to stop in and thank you for writing such nice things about your experience. Next time you’re in, please introduce yourself. Good luck on your training!

    1. Thank you I will. One of my good friends is a regular customer, I’m so happy she brought me in! I will definitely be back and I will introduce myself! I need those shortbread cookies in my life every day!

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