Running Recap x 2

Well.  This will actually be one of my final recaps – as this week is my peak week in terms of mileage – a week from today I will hopefully be enjoying a majestic, taper-induced euphoria (two weeks from now I’ll be a total B, from not running as much I’m sure).  However that is not set in stone, as I’m dealing with some knee issues (potentially some tendonitis ?, ugh).

My last week of running has sucked a bit because of my knee hurting.  Initially I thought it was from banging my knee on my desk at work…But once the bruise went away and my knee was still hurting it has been troubling.  I have been working on quad and ab strength, but the thought of 20 miles is kind of daunting with the discomfort I’ve been having.  I also have an appointment with a Sports MD next week too, so I will know a lot more in a few days.

The first week of September: 9/1-9/7, added up to 35 miles, with my usual combo of speed work, easy run, tempo, long, and recovery runs.  The major thing that was modified was my long run was reduced from 18 to 16 miles due to the fact that the humidity was 100%, and I was running at a faster pace with someone in my group.

Last week was a more fun week, despite my fear of having an injury.  I traveled a lot for several different reasons, so running was just added in as needed, but it still happened.

Monday was my normal rest day

Tuesday was speed work: 3 miles

Wednesday: easy 6

Thursday: Super Bears Shuffle 5k – In Chicago (see separate post to hear about this neat race!)

Friday:5 mile run in Pilsen

Saturday: 3 mile (in Saugatauk)

Sunday: 6 mile run (in Lansing)

And this past week has been minimal.  Three miles on Tuesday, and six on Wednesday.  My lowest mileage week probably all year.  Since Thursday I’ve been resting, stretching, foam rolling and icing.  Today I cam “cleared” for running again, so hopefully the rest and my MD appt this week, will lead to a clean bill of health, and fortunately this happened when it did, so I can keep stretching and icing leading up to the marathon.  And there is still enough time left in my plan to still do a 20 miler next weekend, and have a few weeks to taper – not as many that were initially in my plan – but enough.

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