The Last of the Mileage

Well I survived my 20 miler. And I couldn’t be happier! For going through the hell I went through over the past two-three weeks, I had never been so happy to clock that kind of mileage. 

I was still having some problems with my knees last week. I saw the doctor last Monday and was told all of my major ligaments were stable, etc I tried some different ways of taping, and essentially just kind of hoped for the best as far as my long run was concerned.

Like I said it was better than I expected. By some miracle there was another girl in my pace group (I did a supported 20 miler put on my Playmakers), who was exactly my pace, and we shared many similar interests- I didn’t use my headphones once, I also had little to no pain other than the normal aches that come with putting in a long run like that. 

I was able to put in 40 miles last week, my goal was about 48-50 miles for my peak week- but I’ll take it. 

I’m now settling into my taper period. And will start carb loading next week. This week I am focusing on foam rolling, stretching, careful with my diet, and really good hydration. I’m trying to be extra cautious as I delayed my taper by a week by taking time off for my knee. 

Making sure I’m hydrated the day of the marathon, and working to ensure I don’t need to visit any portas- is pretty important to me. 

I was also able to use this 20 miler as a last tweak for my anticipated fueling plan for the marathon. I think I was a bit dehydrated going into the 20 this past Saturday and had a bit of the squish stomach by the end- hence my focus on hydration- and eating carefully. This also means I will be cutting back (a lot) on my beer and wine until the marathon (ugh)…. 

I’m hopeful that two things can come from this marathon: 1) I have fun, and 2) I run a really solid race with little to no pain (again I’ll take the obvious aches- but that’s wayyyy different from “pain”). 

I truly can’t believe the marathon is like 11 days away!!! It’s so crazy- a marathon like this is something that has been “in process” since March when I signed up for the lottery it’s a 7 month commitment in a sense. It’s not that I want the commitment to end- I’m just ready to make good on it! 

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