Super Bears Shuffle 5k: Recap

Better late than never I suppose. I’m obviously REEEEEEALLY behind on my blogging. 

I signed up months ago for this race with Casey. And if we are going to get technical – Casey “forced me” to sign up for the race. I was excited to do this race because I missed out on the inaugural race last year, and everyone had said how much fun it was! 

I worked a half day then drove into Chicago that afternoon for the race, and met Casey at Soldier Field. It was a pretty fast paced evening, I parked near my old apartment, met with her, changed, met some other friends, and ran. Then we drank and ate- we excel at the latter.

So onto the actual race. The Super Bears Shuffle 5k is the official race of the Chicago Bears (meaning people who work for the Bears put it on), and this is only their second year doing it.

I’m not stating that in a way to preface complaints. I’m stating that because anyone who participated should be impressed. Putting on a successful race is not something you just wake up one day, plan, and flawlessly execute. 

I’ve done enough races at this point both newer races and established events. Bottom line- this race is a good one- it’s a keeper. It’s clear a lot of quality planning and organizing went into it. So props Bears staff. 

It was well run and a lot of fun. It was a chip timed event, so you had options to line up with your pace group to run the event, or line up near the back to walk/run. Additionally there were obstacles just off the course, so it was part race and part fun run- it was essentially what you made of it. 

The course was flat- a loop through McCormick place to the lakefront trail, and back to Soldier Field. 

The finisher medals were ridiculously cool. And the shirts were really nice too!!

The post race party was equally legit- they had a live band (that was really good), huge bar (that you could buy drinks at after utilizing your free beer ticket), and the offered an assortment of post race snacks for runners (besides bananas). Win, win, and win. 

They also did some shuffling around of the post race party (no pun intended) to accommodate the fact it has rained earlier that afternoon – so that runners and family were not sitting on wet grass- which I thought was nice on the part of the organizers.

Overall I would do this race again, it’s not the biggest race but a few things seem clear: 1) The event organizers seem set on pleasing those who sign up with a quality event, and a fun night vs trying to have a massive event that is just “ok”. 2) As a runner I feel like this event offers something for everyone: “serious” runners, casual runners, obstacle/fun run lovers, and of course Bears Super Fans. 

Nothing about this event and/or post race party was a disappointment. 

I would highly recommend. 


“Make us look fast!” Photo cred: Richie
As the pictures may indicate – I ran this race purely for fun and enjoyment. So no rundown on performance. But do yourself a favor next year and sign up for this super 5k. 

I did reward myself the next day with a majestic sushirito (giant sushi roll). Until next time (5days) Chicago. 


*The Chicago Bears supplied the running and the beer, with my purchase (entry) all options are my own.


  1. i’m glad you had a good time at this race! it def sounds better than the ditka dash i’ve done in the past. i was gonna do this race but i was offered free entry for another race, and you can’t turn down free lol

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