Giving Thanks

I want to be clear I interrupted my work on a really awesome post about steak to write this.

So naturally it’s not my intent to make this sappy and ridiculous, especially on the biggest bar night of the year.

However for reasons that will come to light in the coming weeks it may get sappy and ridiculous. 

Even if you are the curmudgeon-iest of curmudgeons you have at least one:

  • Thing
  • Quality
  • Person 

…to be thankful for.

Hopefully readers you have many more than one of the above to be thankful for.

This “Thanksgiving Eve” is unlike any I’ve experienced, in more ways than 1.

I am thankful for all the “obvious” but important “things” worth mentioning, i.e. My family, loved ones, friends, health etc.
  But it’s ironic the series of events in my life transpired the way they did, the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

And I have had A LOT of time to consider not just what I’m thankful for – but WHY am I thankful. 

I think when we take a step back and zero in on that, it can be quite powerful. As it should be.

A huge thing I’m thankful for this year in addition to what I’ve already mentioned is having access to fantastic healthcare, and a really great support system.

My mom likes to remind me that we are never given more than what we can handle. I hate it when people tell me that. My mom is the only person I won’t protest to hearing that from. 
I mean because clearly I can handle this past week because in typing a blog not entering an insane asylum. 

But in moments of a total shit storm you typically really see, what and who is important. And in those moments it’s a bit easier (at least for me) to identify “why” I’m thankful for those people/places/things. 

Yes I am being vague on purpose- it’s not to be a jerk I promise. 

Use this holiday as an excuse to really take stock and understand why you’re thankful. I promise you it will make you appreciate what you’re thankful for a little more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Please collectively eat a slice of pie for me! 


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