There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy said it best- and after the last week, I know Pat agrees.

As I somewhat (cryptically) eluded to in my last post a lot has been going on with Pat, Chewy, and I. 

Indeed it has. Let me preface this entire post with: things with Pat are currently better, but we are not out of the woods.

To give some background for all of this, when I met Pat almost 6 years ago- he had Crohn’s disease for about a year. Being a future dietitian at the time of meeting him I was well aware what that could mean. Pat fortunately seemed to have a very mild case as far as Crohn’s has been concerned. 

If you’re unsure about what it means to have Crohn’s: here ya go!

Since we have been together “the Crohn’s” has been the third person in our relationship. But it’s always been pretty mild, and something we just dealt with- whether it meant canceling plans, changing flights, or really just whatever it takes to stay healthy.


Still one of my all time favorite pictures of us, it is awkward and hilarious. So us in a nutshell
It is also something Pat has asked me to keep off of my blog, up until this point.   

The past 6 weeks have been fairly wild. A lot of “life stress”, Pat and I were both traveling frequently, etc. What we initially thought was a Crohn’s flare up persisted. Pat experienced fevers, poor sleep, and finally – excruciating pain. 

He went to urgent care about 2 1/2 weeks ago. They did a CT scan, and informed him “diverticulitis”, and prescribed two antibiotics and pain meds.

We were just flabbergasted. 

We were still in shock a few days later when Pat and I went to an appointment at his former GI Doctor. He reviewed the scan and said “yup” to him having diverticulitis. But he could not offer up a reason why Pat was in so much pain.

At this point we were both frustrated and I admittedly was not making things better by down playing his pain- and constantly telling him “it’s ok” or “you’re fine” or some similar variation. 

(Yep, I am awful). 

Finally last Friday night- Pat hit his breaking point and asked me to take him to the ER the next morning. Another CT scan with contrast this time was done, and confirmed: diverticulitis with a perforation (hole) in his Large Intestine. This was grounds for them to admit Pat in this hospital. Where he stayed until the following Friday (Thanksgiving included). Diverticuli are out pouches that form in the large intestine. When inflamed they can become infected and if bad enough can burst and create a hole – and immense pain. 

In that time we experienced all of the following and then some:

  • An unpleasant roommate experience
  • A private room 
  • A chair that made farty noises
  • Wonderful nurses
  • Weird smelling food
  • A lot of coffee
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Constant flurries of emotions 

Pat was/is extremely fortunate to have some amazing nurses and work with- and two great doctors, that were caring for him during his stay at Sparrow.

As I said before Pat isn’t out of the woods. He was discharged without needing surgery. He does have some follow up appointments and testing coming up. And he has been given, and is following, a specific regimen from his doctor. 

Another interesting factor we are pursuing is if Pat even has Crohn’s. But this and if he needs surgery will need to wait until more testing can be done, probably after the first of the year. 

All I can say for now is: so far so good. We are taking things one day at a time with careful monitoring. And I am trying to feed him every chance I get. 

We’ve both really appreciated all of the texts, calls, flowers, and offers to help. We are both really thankful for one another, the support, and his amazing nurses and doctors at Sparrow.

All hugs can be directed towards Pat (as I am an awkward turtle when human contact is involved) but I will gladly accept high-fives, or under-the-chin waves.

We are both super thankful for a lot right now, but mainly that he is ok enough to be back at home. 


In the short time he’s been back home I’ve already asked myself at least 10 times “what in the hell can I feed Pat”. So stay tuned for some of my out of the box ideas for getting food into him.


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