My Accidental PR: Lansing Turkey Trot

Or more of a surprise PR.

It was a surprise because I wanted to, but the odds were not in my favor (Katniss Everdeen style).

On Thanksgiving Day I ended up doing the Lansing Turkey Trot 5k.  Once we knew Pat would still be in the hospital into Thursday he gave me his blessing to go ahead and sign up for the race.

I signed up the night before at Playmaker and got a decent deal ($20) because they ran out of shirts.  Uh, sold!

Even in my mind I thought “I don’t want a shirt, I want a pr”.

But lets back track just a tad because I haven’t really written a lot about running since Chicago.  This year my recovery was amazing it was 100 times better than last year.  I was able to run 3 days after the marathon, and I felt great.  I was able to get back in the swing of things, and my legs felts nice and strong, and overall I felt good.

And then…

About two weeks out from the marathon I noticed my runs were feeling more difficult, I felt like everything was HARDER, and that I was slower.  I was able to continue averaging about 18-25 miles per week, but the effort was hard, and it started to really mess with my motivation to even run at all.

Fast forward to about three weeks ago, things started getting better ever so slightly.  Despite the marginal improvement I wasn’t sure I was ready quite yet for racing a 5k.

But here I was, the night before Thanksgiving, my world a bit upside-down.  So as I said, with Pat’s blessing I signed up the night before and just went with it.  I went to run club the night before for a bit, and got all hyped up, the way runners sometimes do around other runners, and did a really good job of feeding myself some bullshit about how I could pr if I wanted to.

The morning of race day, I was FULLY aware that I had fed myself an epic portion of BS the night before.  Reasons I thought this:

  • I was having some very inconvenient bathroom issues
  • I got like 4 hours of sleep
  • My acid reflux was fired up (despite taking a prilosec)
  • I ate a slice of toast maybe two hours before the race, and it felt like I had a rock just sitting in my stomach.
  • 15 mph headwinds for half the course

So obviously I felt well rested and fabulous.  😐

I felt like I had two good things going for me: 1) the course was flat and, 2) I have still been logging a good amount of miles.

When I lined up, I finally just a few four letter words, and reminded myself that I only spent $20 signing up, and just have fun with it.

The course is super fun, and it was set up in a way that for two sections you have a head wind, and two sections you have a tailwind.  Fortunately the last stretch of the race had the tailwind.

I just went for it; I went out fast, and with no apologies right into the wind.  I my first mile really fast, paid for it in the second, and did some surprising negative splits in the third (thanks tailwind).

The end result was a 25:39 finish with a 7 second pr, and a VERY attractive finish line photo of me hacking up a nice bit of spit.  #babestatus

 All in all it a fun couple of hours, it was a small silver lining in an otherwise stressful, sad, and nerve-racking week.  When I was foolish enough to whine about how I didn’t meet the arbitrary goal I set the night before the race.

I did this race 3 years ago with Morgan for fun, I coerced her, and begged her to do it with me.  I ran it in 33:44 3 years ago, and I was putting forth a fair amount of effort.

So when you put it like that…. It really kind of changes the perspective on how you look at it.  At least for me it does.

I officially have my training plan for the coming months to get ready for Glass City in April.  So starting soon there will be posts again on running, some of which, will likely involve some animosity towards the dreadmill.


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