H3RD Peppermint Mocha

Save yourself time in the Starbucks line, save yourself some money, and DEFINITELY save yourself from all of the empty calories.

The marketing teams at Starbucks, and every other major coffee chain have really earned their money by opting to call their “reduced” beverages “skinny”.  Buuuuut they aren’t.

In the past year I’ve learned to appreciate coffee.  Just.  Plain.  Coffee.  No cream, no sugar, honey, or sweetener of any type.

I know.  Maybe if I’m feeling really wild I will put some unsweetened coconut milk or whole milk in it.  Maybe.

So on the occaision I want to zazz up my coffee I don’t like adding a ton of things to it.  Additionally, I’l about trying to find better alternatives to things.

A grande peppermint mocha from Sbux is a whopping 440 calories & 54 g of sugar!

A grande skinny peppermint mocha is significantly better at 160 calories and 13 g of sugar.  But I’m inclined to think that we can still do better than this, at home, for less money, and more conveniences.

So brew your pot of coffee, for every ~ 1 cup (8oz coffee) I like about 1/8 c coconut milk, 2 tsp cocoa powder, & 1 tsp pure peppermint extract.  If you must you can add some liquid stevia drops for sweetness.

With this we are looking at maybe 30-ish calories, and ~ 1 g sugar.

So we’ve saved on: time, money, & calories.  And also if you’re the type of person to wonder about the “chemicals” in all of the syrups that Starbucks uses – then you’re saving on those too I suppose.

H3RD for the win.  But in all seriousness.  There is already enough indulging that happens with the Holidays, so this is the optimal time to hack out some unnecessary sugar & and calories so somewhat blunt the excess.

And to make this “iced”, just pour your hot coffee over ice cubes.  Meanwhile disolve your peppermint extract and cocoa into your milk then add those in.  As I have said before I am a big fan of iced coffee.  My mom recently bought my a French Press, and it is probably my favorite thing ever.  So it allows me to have coffee pretty quick.



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