Nutrition on the Go

Nutrition on the go, or maintaining good nutrition and eating habits on the road for work (or traveling in general)- well it’s hard. 

Disruptions in our lives – they are hard.

New work patterns – they are hard.

Making changes- you get it- hard.

I personally do not have a lot of experience adapting properly to this. Personally when I was an intern (yep a nutrition intern) I ate like crap. I worshipped at the house that was Taco Bell or Jimmy John’s.

However, being a practicing dietitian I learned, and very early on, that MANY people struggle with eating on the go. 

I traveled for work this week, and I was determined to make sure of several things 1) I kept running and following my plan for mileage, and 2) not to undo all of that running by eating like crap. 

Check and check.

Neither were easy. This isn’t meant to be a brag post- but merely acknowledgement of a legitimate struggle.

This week I traveled for work, and while I did enjoy several indulgences while I was here. But not so many that I would say that I “fell off track”. Even despite a wildly hectic and unpredictable schedule.

How you ask?


And snacks. 

  • Instead of expensing every meal and always eating out, I stopped at a grocery store for fruit, Greek yogurt, vegetables, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, kind bars etc when I got into town  
  • I packed snacks too. I made my homemade larabars, and brought fruit from home that would have gone bad while I was gone
  • I didn’t treat all my meals like I was on vacation. I enjoyed one “indulgence” a day, if at all.

This ended up being a typical breakfast 

And then I carried apples, KIND Bars, and chia packs with me as back ups.

It definitely was not easy. The best way I planned for this was to just start planning (I packed more food than clothes). 

The other thing I found helpful was to think back on tips and tricks my successful patients shared with me on what they did to find success when being on the road or traveling. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail. And I was not ready to fail. I have worked pretty hard over the last month or so to really regulate my diet. Hitting reverse was not an option. 

What are some things you do to plan either nutritious eating or exercise when travelkng??  

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  1. ‘packed more food than clothes’………………………….WHO ARE YOU??? 🙂 Good job! Very proud of you!!!

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