40 Days of No Booze

For those who know me, my sense of humor, and general mannerisms- are typically surprised to find out that I am Catholic.  Big shocker I know.  Without getting into the finer points of my religious practices – or lack thereof – I do typically try to use lent to do something better/a more focused time frame for self improvement.  Well this year, I am using it to give up hooch for 40 days.  Well technically it will be more like 36 days (my Birthday, Casey’s birthday, and St. Patricks day are all rolled in the next 40 days).

  This also aligns very well with my marathon training.  I wouldn’t say I drink a lot, but what I will say is the second beer I tend to have following runs tend to be…unnecessary.  I am also acutely aware of doing this, plus running a marathon will in fact give me the tolerance of a kitten baby child.

Last night was trial night one, and I mean shoot- it saved me money, no surprise there, and it wasn’t awful…despite being at one of my favorite bars.  Huge helpful trick was leaving my id at home (except I’m not always carded as I’m a regular > see I need to give it up for lent!!!< so this may only get me so far).

I do fear the Lansing economy may experience a small dip in beer purchases over the next 40 days….

I ultimately landed on this because when I did the Whole 30 a few weeks, ago, this was the thing I had the hardest time with- with the exception of dairy.  But at least yogurt has nutritional value!!  Additionally I’ve continued having GI issues on and off, and do feel that stopping alcohol consumption for a short while will be beneficial in figuring out if my issues are related to diet or potentially physiological, or both.

If you’re wondering if I am using Jesus’ tribulations as a means of justifying my giving up alcohol.  Well that could be a fair assessment of what I have laid out thus far.  But I am opting to use it as a time to really tighten up my diet in preparation for Glass City in April, and run the marathon I want.

What are you guys giving up for lent?

Do you prefer to give things up, or trying to make a habit of doing 1-2 things daily?



  1. Girl, you are a good Catholic. I just got back from an all inclusive and I said no more alcohol for awhile. And then I had a glass of wine. I have never given anything up. But this year I am working at swearing less. It is a random thing I do and I don’t like it, especially with the baby. I will say, that I think the no drinking during pregnancy kept my weight in serious check!

    1. Haha! You know I’m trying. It’s definitely an area I can improve on- and then not replacing the alcohol with candy! Swearing less is also something I could work on too 😉 I’m really curious to see what impact it will have on marathon training lol.

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