Mud Dog Half Marathon

Here’s the quick and dirty recap of my half last weekend, so I can do a long and dirty recap of my half from this past Sunday.

As most of you know I’ve been participating in the Winter Warrior series with my running group. The Snowman half was in January, and the Ice Cube Half was in February. 

I originally wasn’t going to do the third and final race in March- as my target race (Rock CF) was the following weekend. However, as life has a funny way of doing – it intervened. With celebrating my birthday Friday night and working that Saturday – a long run was out of the question. Which naturally led me to Sunday. I had 12 on my plan. 

Ultimately I just said “why not”. This group I run with is so much fun – even if the weather ended up being crap (it didn’t) it would still be fun.

Both January’s and February’s races presented unique weather related challenges.

In January I studded a pair of shoes for the first time to conquer ice and snow.

I ended up running my second best time of 2:09, (third in AG) despite the roads, and chilly temps.

In February it was so bitter cold I was afraid my clothes would freeze permanently to my body.  

I ended up running a 2:07 (3rd again in AG) but I was more impressed that my time went down. 

For the last half, nature really ended up cooperating. Most of us ran in short sleeves and shorts/capris. Despite the name (Mud Dog) there wasn’t even that much mud. But it wasn’t natures wrath I was dealing with- it was too much celebrating – and still being dehydrated on race day (I mean I did it to myself). 

I ended up running a 2:04 (3rd in AG) which is VERY close to my 2:02 best (well it was my best at the time of this race :p).

This day I had my girl Emily really pushing the pace, so it really helped propel me forward- thanks girl (and congrats on getting 2nd in AG). 

I really didn’t expect to place in this race at all. There were a lot more people running likely due to the nicer weather, and I just went into wanting to not puke on myself (sometimes I set the bar pretty low). I was pretty surprised when my name was called in all honesty.

These races are fun, but they are tough. The course by itself is tough: gravel roads, hills, potholes. Add cold, snow, mud, ice, etc you’re looking at a recipe for misery. 

Or not. I always had fun, even on the brink of puking, or possibly freezing, or pounding away on ice. These are also a really great way to jump into training for spring marathons, or just keeping your endurance up. I have NEVER had such a strong training base going into a marathon cycle.

A huge shoutout to my beer club with a running problem. Even though the buffet in Janurary was a disappointment y’all (yes I said y’all) never disappoint. 

But. I can say that I am officially a Winter Warrior (despite living my entire life in the Midwest).

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