Pre Glass City

Good God. 

I am doing another marathon! Even at the time I type- I am legitimate disbelief of what I am supposed to be doing in a matter of hours. 

And some denial too. But here I am. In Toledo with some great friends from run group, wondering how I got here. 

Spoiler alert: I signed up. 

I’m nervous. But in a way that I get when I just feel nervous -but it’s also combined with the “nervous” I feel before trying to accomplish a goal. 

I have carb loaded, jogged, stretched, prayed, swore, and about everything else. But by (hopefully) 11:30 am EST I should be finished with Marathon # 3.

The race starts and ends on University of Toledo’s campus – which is beautiful. 

The course is flat, and it’s fast. AND I got to personalize my bib (RunRD). Also the forecast is just perfection: mid 40’s-50’s during the race. 

The only things left to do are lace up my shoes and go do this damn thing (and go potty). 🙂 

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