Uncle John’s Hard Cider 5k

I’m not sure I have mentioned this on here before, but here it goes: I hate running trails.  Or rather, I strongly dislike it.

Another thing I have yet to mention- and has probably been a big driver in my recent lack of posts has been for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been dealing with an injury.

I came out of Glass City feeling (physically) great, maybe a little mentally beaten up, but otherwise great.  A week later I got into an accident with my bike (operator error, no- I was not hit by a car, or did not hit a child).  Bike is fine, the bridge I was on is fine, my hip was not fine.  Unfortunately due to a busy a schedule (of mine) I still haven’t seen my doctor.

For the past 3 weeks I have ran 13 miles.  Total.  I have been able to ride my bike again, to lift weights, to basically do anything besides run.

This past week was finally the turnaround, but I am still not back to 100.  I can at least run now- which I am SOOOO thankful for!  For a solid 10 days I was unsure I would even be able to run this race, and was seriously considering just walking it for fun, or selling my bib.

Clearly the rest has helped, I was able to run the race, and actually run.

Let’s rewind, I signed up for this race months ago, with my two lovely cousins who were really interested in doing it.  All of us as kids grew up going to this cider mill for craft shows, donuts, and cider.  To this day I prefer to only have cider from Uncle John’s.  I did know it was (at least partially) a trail race.

The main thing I find so frustrating with trail running is that I am working wayyyyyy harder to maintain a pace that is still slower than my normal 5k pace.  Then with dealing with my hip I just wasn’t sure how everything would go.

So I decided to just have fun.  My cousin was there with her two boys, my aunt, and mom, so even before the race it promised to just be a fun morning, on top of that the weather was perfect.

Despite promises to have fun – I still wanted to see if I could push it, and if my hip would feel ok doing so.  I promised myself up and down, that if I started to feel pain, I would just walk.  And by push it, I knew 8’s and trying for sub 8’s would be out of the question, but I figured if I could aim for sub 9’s on a trail, I would doing pretty well for myself.

Everything went well.  Yes, it was challenging because we were running through an apple orchard, on grass, loose dirt/sand and gravel (when we were lucky), and it was hilly.

But it was a lot of fun, the race was ran really well, it started on time, and was very organized.  Finishers received a medal, and a glass of hard cider in a commemorative glass that you got to keep, and a shirt.

My cousin (Jenny) did ask if I would do it again, and to be honest- if it were just me signing up- no, I would not just sign up to run a trail race on my own.  However, provided I have company I would absolutely sign up for this race again.  It had everything that makes for a good race: everything I mentioned above, and then all of the areas of cider mill were open (wine & cider tasting, the pie barn), you could get everything from cider and donuts, to having food trucks on sight to offer even more variety.

Overall, it was a very fun race, and fun morning!



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