I’m Baaaack!

So.  I’ve been super busy, I think this is the longest “break” I have every taken from blogging.  I took the break both intentionally and unintentionally.  I have been really busy with my full time job, and running, but I have always been able to make time in the past. I have found lately that every blog post I started was really negative.  Not snarky and semi- delightful, just negative.  So I decided to just not put anything out there until I had some things to say that were worth putting out.

Which leads me to this post.

What better way to ring in my return to blogging than a race recap and a pr?

Yesterday morning I ran Ele’s Race 5k, on a total whim.  My long run was scheduled for Sunday this week instead of Saturday, so I was thinking it might be a fun way to get a few miles in.  As of Friday night I still hadn’t registered, I went to bed thinking: “if I’m up in time, I’ll do it”.

Well I’m pretty well conditioned to get up early most days.  So I rolled out of bed in time.  And made my new pre-run cocktail (branch chain amino acids and highly branched dextrin- for carbs) and made my way over to the race, and registered.

Yesterday at 7:30am it was already over 70 degrees, sunny, and humid.  I had also done speed work the night before on the treadmill- so again- I was not expecting an amazing run.  I seriously just went out with the intention to run my a** off and just see what would happen if I went out at my target pace.  The first mile was actually ok at sub-8, I started to feel the heat in the second mile, and felt it into the third mile too, but just wanted the damn thing to be done and over with.

I knew going into the third mile I was on par to run a personal best- even if I had a slow third mile, which as it turns out I had a pretty good third mile, and strong finish.  It was seriously one of those races where, I swear the stars aligned, and what I have been training for and what I was able to do actually evened out.

The race itself is one I would 100% do again. As the name implies the race supports Ele’s Place which is a fantastic place/program that provide support to grieving kids, and their families.   The course was very fast, and very flat, despite there being little shade, that was made up for by having 2 water stops.  Also apparently this year they moved the time up to 8 am to “beat the heat”.  That still didn’t happen, but it is really the thought there that counts.

The cherry on top of it all was placing in my age group.  I think this is the largest race I have ever placed in, so that felt pretty neat.  I was showing Pat my splits yesterday, and I told him if someone would have told me 4 years ago I’d place in my age group, and look at my times like I do now- I would have straight up laughed, and never believed you.  So it really goes to show that it really doesn’t matter where start (i.e. a 12+ minute mile, and hating the idea of running more than a mile).  Outside of talking about time, 4 years ago, I never would have just jumped out of bed, and gone to run a 5k.  Four years ago the idea of just hopping out of bed to run- would have just been “crazy”.

Hell.  Even today, it’s still a little crazy.  I think I’ve just embraced the crazy.



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