South Haven Blueberry Run 10k: Recap

So I’m super behind on my race recaps…because life.  So I am finally catching up on my racing escapades over the summer.

A few months ago I did a Sunday long run, at the start of that run it started raining, and then moved to “pouring” by mile two. Despite a 14 mile run turning into a 8, I said at the end “I’d rather run in rain and be cool, than in the heat and humidity”.

Mother Nature can be sassiest of all sassy.

For the Blueberry Run I originally signed up for the 5k/10k combo (to get more mileage), and planned to run both races at paces to pr a 15k can versus pr both individual races and potentially burn out during the 10k.

Despite having a plan our Saturday morning was turned upside down when we rolled into South Haven amidst POURING rain. I was with a group from my Venados squad half of us had planned to do the combo, and the other half were just doing the 10k.

Turns out, pouring rain is a game changer. Three of us were soaked even before we were able to pick up our packets. Once we were all reunited we all decided to just make a go of the 10k, and make the best of trip.  The races ultimately were postponed due to the weather.  I ultimately could have ran the 5k, but I would have gotten even more soaked (which I am not even sure is possible) as it continued to pour.  Once we opted to just do the 10k, I opted to change into my dry post race outfit- so glad I did….because it rained yet again.  Yes that was sarcasm.

Regardless of the crappy rain, we still had fun!  We clearly had so much fun that we all placed in our respective age groups for the 10k!!!  I was only aiming to pr, so placing in my age group was the cherry on top.

The race itself was pretty good, I would definitely do it again, I really enjoy races like this as, we run through neighborhoods, and there is definitely a “hometown feel”.  The course was flat, the weather was clearly out of the control of the race directors, but I felt the situation was handled well.

Two things that could be improved in the coming years:

-Placement of the porta potties at the finish line.  The finish line was right by the marina so as you crossed the porta potties were to the right, and runners were funneled to the left, if you had to go, you had to wait for a gap in runners to get to the potties.

-VERY poor signage/lack of volunteers in the final turns, creating confusion on when/where to turn. Throughout the course there were tons of volunteers, police officers etc.  There were only a couple of turns that were tricky, but even signs would have been extremely helpful.

Once we all finished we picked up some blueberries (because it was the Blueberry Festival) we picked up our medals, and headed back to the cottage to shower, and have a well deserved lunch stop at a local restaurant, where I experienced something beyond my wildest dreams, it was called: The Tater Tot Mountain.

No, I did not/could not finish this, but I did have was amazing

This was one of a handful of 5k’s and 10k’s I have done over this summer, which have definitely broken up the monotony that can come with marathon training.

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