The Crim Festival of Races: Recap

A few weeks ago I ran my first “Crim”.

If you’re not a runner, or a runner from Michigan you likely don’t know what I mean. 

The Crim Festival of Races takes place every August in Flint Michigan. 

Yes, Flint. 

Let me get a few things out of the way immediately

Yes, the race is safe. 

Yes, Flint is the city you heard about for having lead in the water.

No, I wasn’t drinking Flint’s water.

But, Flint also has some really proud residents that make this one of the best races I’ve done in terms of crowd support. I’d truly give the race as a whole a 8.5-9/10 overall and a lot of that can be attributed to the crowd support.

I ultimately signed up because of peer pressure,  a lot of my friends in my run group signed up and/or have done it in years past and recommended it. 

As I mentioned before it is a “festival of races” so there are various distances offered: 1mile, 5k, 8k, 10 Mile and the “Teddy Bear Trot” (a dash for the kiddos). You are able to sign up for one, I.e. The 10 Miler, or sign up for combos- which is what my girl Emily and I ended up doing as we both needed more miles based on where we were at in our marathon plans, so we signed up for the 10 miler and 5k.

We also did this because we both lack sense, and general sanity, and because we love commiserating with one another….

With regard to the Crim- it seems like the main attraction is the 10 miler. It gives runners an interesting, although challenging tour of Vehicle City (Flint). This is also their 40th year of putting this on, so their organization is on point!! The race(s) were a tad pricey- I paid ~ 90 ish dollars to do both races and that is comparable to what I used to pay to do a half in Chicago. 

Granted I did get two medals and two sets of treats as I crossed the finish line twice so that was cool. The volunteer support on the course was awesome, as was the organization of the event as a whole. Packet pickup was also very seamless and took minutes. There were also ample places to potty the morning of. Which if you’re a runner this is a big deal.

And there was chocolate milk. 

The 10 miler is tough, and it was a pretty humid morning. I was prepared for a “few hills” near mile 5, and was prepared for that. It was the hills that came after mile 5 I was not prepared for. By mile 8 I was cussing up a storm hating everything and everyone- specifically the fact I still needed to move my butt across the finish line to start a 5k. To do another race after the 10 miler you need to make sure you can finish the 10 miler under 2 hours, so that you can line up for the start of either the 5k or 8k. So my girl Emily and I finished up collected our popsicles, waters, and medals and headed back to the car before we started our 5k. Our 5k truly was a cool down, we really didn’t push the pace at all. What we later found out was that we finished 5th and 6th in our age group for our “cool down” which we thought was super cool. 

A small group of us ended up staying and hanging out to spectate the Teddy Bear trot and then taking off for brunch afterwards.

I would definitely do this race again, and maybe be a bit more mentally ready for the hills on the back half of the course. 

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