Capital City River Run Half: Recap

I’m officially in my taper going into Chicago.

So I’m super cranky, and always hungry.  However, for the purposes of this post, that is beside the point.

yeah, I ate that. I blame “the taper”

This race was aligned on the same weekend as my peak run.  I haven’t posted an awful lot on getting ready for this marathon for several reasons: 1) I’m superstitious at this point because of my goal and 2) I have definitely had a less than traditional plan with regard to long runs.

Overall things have gone well, July, August, and September were all 100+ mile months so in terms of having a base I feel fairly strong.

Anyways, the Capital City River Run is “Lansing’s Race”, they offer a full marathon, half, marathon relay, and 5k.  My girl Emily and I decided we would sign up for the half, and do 5 miles beforehand to get to out 18.

I was actually really excited about this race, I have never done it before, and I have always heard good things about it, and a lot of the course I am really familiar with. A couple of bonuses were a big group of people from our run club were participating in the various races, and the weather forecast was promising.

We (Emily and I) did 5 miles beforehand in about 50 minutes, then made another potty break, and lined up.

My boo thang

The course itself was flat (Lansing is flat), the downside of this is the first 4ish miles were straight east- so straight into the sunlight.   

After that, you turn onto campus and get into the shade that the river trail provides and make your way back to downtown Lansing.  Overall I had a really awesome race, somehow I managed to completely zone out from about mile 7.5-9.5, which in retrospect probably turned into a lifesaver since I was running the half a lot faster than what I anticipated I would (I was aiming to finish around 2:10-2:15, with doing the 5 beforehand- I ended up finishing in 2:06) so around mile 11 I was just over it (the race), but then I remembered I was actually at mile 16, and actually felt pretty ok at the end. 

Finally out of the pain zone, and just over a half mile to finish
It was actually a really awesome way to break up that long of a run. This would be a great race to actually “race” as it is truly quite flat. Another nice bonus was the amount of pacers in both the half and the full. Packet pickup was also very organized, it was held at the local running store Playmakers, we were in and out with our packets in record time (although we did stop to do a little shopping).

Overall I’d highly recommend this race you really get a fantastic tour of Lansing, East Lansing, campus, and Reo Town; and as I mentioned before it’s a really good pr course. 


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