Gazelle Girl: Race Recap

So CLEARLY I am way behind on recapping races I’ve done (about 5 months behind).

I’m also out of chronological order (my OCD told me I had to mention that), because technically I did the Gazelle Girl Half the week before Nashville.  When I signed up for this race it was purely to do it as a training run, and enjoy a race that had great word of mouth.

This was to be a dress rehearsal, my race plan for Nashville was to run a 2:05 first half (well that didn’t happen) but I did that during this race, and I felt really good at the end.  Because my goal was to run very consistently throughout the entire race, I ENJOYED this race SO MUCH!

The best part was I had great company!!!  My friend Whitney came up from Chicago so we made like a little reunion out of it, and stayed at an AirBnB with my friend Anne, which allowed us to be very close to the start line, and packet pickup the night before.

Packet pickup was well organized, we saw a few more familiar faces at packet pickup as I had another friend who was a pacer for the race.  I love a well organized packet pickup, I also love it when race directors pick smart spaces, and what I mean by that, is if you’re anticipating thousands of people, and you rent out a tiny ballroom packet pickup is zero fun when you’re shoulder to shoulder with strangers.

Additionally the day of was very well organized, the bathrooms were a bit congested, but we got there kind of close, and well, what do you expect.  The course is pretty fast, and mostly flat, it what I would call a modified out and back, a hybrid of a loop and an out and back.  My point here, is that you don’t end up seeing a lot of the same stuff twice.

Post race party: it was solid, but it was pretty crowded, the layout wasn’t open considering the amount of people there, we got our wine/cider/beer, and hung out for a minute or two, but then ultimately migrated down the street for a gigantic cinnamon roll (and breakfast).

Swag: The medals were pretty, the shirts were a nike dri-fit t-shirt (so they were pretty nooooice).

In short, I highly recommend this race, I would do absolutely do it again.  Plus it’s at the end of April, so in Michigan it’s pretty prime weather to run a pr (but again it’s Michigan, so the weather will either be perfect or frigid).



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